Friday, 13 June 2008

What The Future Hold!

Okay, an entry on what lies ahead! :)
I've been able to relax a lot, and while I wish I could have done a little more writing (blogs as well as regular diary!), I feel great about having had one and a half day of really relaxing!! It's been wonderful!!

On to the future then!
Tomorrow, I will catch an early bus (6 a.m.!!) to Gothenburg, where I'll meet my Dad, who's been driving there from the summer house. He will take the train back, and I will take his car. I'm hoping to get back in time to star a massive cleaning of my appartment, which will be more than neccessary! :)
Sunday will also be spent cleaning and doing laundry - and on Monday and Tuesday I will be running errands, meeting up with friends, packing etc, and I'm hoping to head north sometime during Wednesday (will probably be in the afternoon)!

After that not much is settled, but it looks like I'll be staying up there throughout July, and come back at the very beginning of August. That seems to be the best solution for this summer, and I will still get 3-4 weeks vacation here in August.
Unfortunately this means I will pretty much be out of computer-and-internet-access from June 18th to sometime in the beginning of August! Shock 2
I can try to get to my Mum's computer but it will be on a rare occasion, so don't expect any regular updates during the summer!
If you wish to be notified of when I'll be back at regular blogging - drop a comment or send an email to and I'll let you know! :)

For the first time in ages I did some scrapping tonight!!! I've uploaded two scraps in my Picasa album ... anyone who hasn't got the URL but wants to check it out, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! :)

Now I'm gonna try to relax watching Stargate SG-1 since I have an early morning tomorrow!
Take care!

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: It, Stephen King
Currently watching: Stargate SG-1, season 1
Currently listening to: The ABC Café - Red and Black, Les Misérables Complete Symphonic Recording
My Plans for tomorrow: Trip to Gothenburg, cleaning ... hopefully some more scrapping! :)

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