Sunday, 1 June 2008

Studies, Studies And More Studies!

Sorry about the totally boring title, but it does feel accurate oday ...
I did get a rather late start, due to some terrible dreams just before I woke up - but since then I've been fairly disciplined, and got some translations done, as well as finished one of the books I'm supposed to read ... so I guess that's a good thing.

I'm feeling very split now, I'm really sick and tired of constantly stressing and never feeling that you do enough, so I totally wish this semester would be over SOON - but on the other hand, I really need more time to prepare properly, if I'm going to finish this semester in a satisfactory way ... very confusing indeed!

Tomorrow will be a very long day for me - so I fele a little bad for Zorro ...
I will head into town tomorrow morning, hopefully I'll at the Department when the Library opens, so I can maximize my studies there!
We have the last Old Testament lecture ever (*a little sentimental now*) 1-3 p.m. and then we're off for a 1½-2 hour break before our little 'get-together'. I'm very much looking forward it, I think it was a very generous offer of our professor - and we've got a little something for him too! :) It will feel strange knowing he won't teach again, and a great loss for the Department, but still nice to have a proper good-bye ... though I'm going to take my oral exam for the same professor on June 12th, so I guess it's not really a good-bye for me!

I don't know when I'm coming home tomorrow night, but hopefully I've been fairly disciplined during the day, and gotten quite a lot of work done!

Take care!

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