Saturday, 7 March 2009

16,000 - Wow!

Sorry about the lack of updates for a few days now ...
But first and foremost - we've hit the 16,000!!! Yay!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog ... though - as I've said before - comments are appreciated ... :)
(I know some of you comment, and I'm very happy about that, but there must be lots and lots of you out there who doesn't say anything ....)

So, what's been going on? Thursday was pretty quiet, mostly only an Old Testament lecture ... yesterday was more intense! OT lecture again, 10-12, and right after that I had a meeting with the teacher about some questions that came up during the mentor meeting! It worked out really nicely, I got answers to all of the questions, I have to double check a few things but I have a fair idea of what to tell the students on Tuesday. And we kept talking and talking ... he's come sooooo much farther than me, but we do have similar interests, and that of course makes it easier to carry a conversation!
We sat for about 45-50 minutes (!) and at 1 I had meeting with all the mentors and our supervisor. I was a little nervous since I've had some issues with the mentor thing (though not nearly as bad now as earlier - and yes, I know I should update my personal blog!), but it worked out really well. I felt part of the "group" (we're not that many but still), I recognized some of what the others had experienced and I got a good response to what I said as well. We bordered in on my "issues", but I was really careful about not saying too much, and I think I found a decent balance! :)

After that I went to a nearby mall to buy a new transportation box for Zorro, for our trip in April ... I have one but it's really big and quite heavy. This one was a tad to big, I had wanted a size smaller, but it was cheap and it was made of some kind of fabric (not plastic!) which makes it a lot easier to carry around ... so I'm quite happy with that! :)

I didn't come home until 5 p.m. and felt really dead, so I didn't do much last night, and I slept in today - nice!! Now it's about time to get started on this day though, as I need to get started on studies full time as well as do some shopping, cleaning, sorting laundry etc.

Take care, I hope you have a great weekend!

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