Thursday, 26 March 2009

Blog Break!


Things are not working out really great for me right now, and I will have to take a break from most things to work it out at the moment!
It's not to serious, I don't want those close to me to worry because it's not that bad, but I am feeling rather low at the moment, I had to postpone the exam I should have taken today and I feel terrible about that ...
And the thing is, I can't just put my entire life on hold to sort things out, but I think I need to put all my energies to working out the studies-part of my life, and trying to work with myself - and therefore other stuff, like the internet, will be put on hold for a while.

I don't do that much online any more, it's mostly this blog, a few forums and Facebook, but that will be put on a hold for a while too now ...

The way the future looks at the moment is this:
Right now I have to try to find my way back to a "working life" and get back on track again. Next week will be very heavy indeed, with one meeting, one course-introduction where I'll speak in front of the group about the mentor thing, my oral exam, an essay seminar, at least one more OT-lecture and one mentor meeting.
The week after that, I go up to the summerhouse, on April 6, and will be away for about 2½ - 3 weeks. Unfortunately I haven't had the energy to get a working wireless internet connection for my laptop, so I will be pretty much out of reach for those weeks (but hey, who knows, maybe I'll need an internet break as well! *lol*) and I will only go online when I'm visiting my families ... maybe.

I'm hoping to sort things out during the end of this week and the weekend, and hopefully I can at least be online a bit during next week, even if it is very intense, especially since I'll be out of reach later on.

As I said, I'll survive this too, but at the moment, I need to devote some energy to pick up the pieces and get back on track again.

Take care!


Dakota said...

I wish you all the best!!


Jessica said...

Thanks! :)