Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A Day Off!

I went into Uni early this morning, I was there when the library opened at 9, with my heart set on heavy studying ... didn't happen!
For some reason I just couldn't concentrate or focus and it just didn't work out! Since I had a lunch date with Lena I really tried to make it work, but there was no chance! I just kind of "hung out" at the Department until Lena was done with her seminar, and we had lunch at Subway! *yummy* It was really great seeing her again ... feels like ages ago! Wonder how it will be when he gets her degree and disappears (which is SOON!) ...

I had already realized that this was indeed a non-studying day ... so I've actually taken the day off since I got home as well! I know I can't make a habit of it, as I have to fix my course AND start working on my essays before my exam on March 25, but I think I needed today actually!
Hopefully my mood, concentration levels and ability to focus is back on track again tomorrow!

Apologies for the short entry, but pretty much NOTHING has happened today, so I don't have that much to write about ... :)

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