Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Long Day!

I'm really tired right now, I've had a long day, so I'm hoping to be able to get some sleep soon.

I went to Uni early to prepare for the mentor meeting and get some studying done before the lecture at 10. Still interesting stuff, though I'm being a complete nerd, I know! :)
After the lecture those who come to the mentor meeting have lunch together - either you can buy lunch, or bring some of your own. I always bring a salad (simple!!!) so I'm staying in the room watching everybody's stuff while they rush off to get whatever they want to eat. The OT-teacher stayed today as well, he got involved in some book he had brought, and we had a nice chat! He's SO into his subject (Biblical Hebrew and the texts from Ugarit mostly), and it's fantastic to see someone so engaged in what they do!! I'm very interested in languages too, and we had a nice moment when he read some Ugarit Baal-myth to me in its original language! *lol* Amazing!

The mentor meeting went well, though we are rather stressed for time, if we're going to be able to go through all the things I have planned before their exam. I have lots and lots and lots and lots of thoughts about this whole mentor thing - and pretty much all of them contradict each other! *rolling eyes* - and I will probably make an entry in my personal blog about that later on ... just to get it off my chest! :)

After the meeting (which again ended 30-40 minutes late!!) a few of the students stayed to work on what to prepare for next lecture, and I decided to stay as well, and get some work done for my course. I stayed until 4 p.m., and then I met a friend so we had a little chat! I had to practically run to the railway station but actually made it to the 4.22-train! :)

I've been pretty out-of-it tonight, I'm really tired, and all these mentor thoughts keep dancing around in my head, I have a hard time relaxing them.

Tomorrow there are no OT lectures but I will still go to Uni, because I think I work better there. Or rather, I work better there during the mornings!! At lunch time the library get SO crowded and I find it difficult to concentrate, but my plan is to be there when the library opens at 9, and then work there through lunch. I'm meeting Lena for lunch, which is going to be GREAT! We haven't seen each other in a while, she's been doing an internship and hasn't been around the Department for some time now! Depending on my mood, I'll see what happens after lunch, if I go home and get an afternoon at home to study, or if I take my chances with the crowded library and continue there!

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