Saturday, 21 March 2009

Preparing For A Long Night!

The fact that I'm sitting here with a big cup of coffee does say something about the way things are right now: insane!!
Things has not worked out really well today, and I'm starting to get more panicky as every hour passes about this exam. It was the same for last exam, I was sooooo stressed out, and I really hate that! And still, I seem to end up in these situations all the time ... *sigh*

I am completely done with all the text work, at least ... or ... well, I guess you could never say you are "done" when you're studying, but I have done all the translations. My idea for the text part now is to work on my vocabulary! I have made word-cards for pretty much all the words I didn't know in my text, there are about 330 of them, and the idea is to work on them as soon as I'm doing something where I can't study ... that is, if I'm taking a walk, riding a bus/train etc. And then if I have time I'm gonna have to work a bit on pronounciation ... I find it difficult to read out loud, I always have, and starting this semester I have been introduced to a more classical way of pronouncing certain letters, which takes a little bit of training.

But at least there's not an awful lot to do with the text in itself, and I guess that's a good thing at least, right?! *tiny smile*
What is left is the literature ... and I have to say that having looked through it properly, it was quite as much as I had feared. I thought I ended up at about 1200 pages, but it seems to be "only" about 850, and that helps a bit. Naturally I can't go into the books on a detailed level now, but I don't think that is the point with these courses either, I think the literature is supposed to be means of getting a picture regarding the theme in question, when it comes to the essays, I'm going to have to go more into detail of course, but I'm not quite there yet! :)
So the idea is to read through the books, not taking tooo much time, and at the same time write a small summary of each book. That way, it's enough for me to read the summaries right up to the exam ... So that's the plan, and that's why I'm drinking coffee like an idiot, despite the fact that it's almost 9 p.m. - I'm getting ready for a long night of "God and His Pepole - Covenant and Tehology in the Old Testament". Sounds exciting, doesn't it?! :)

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