Sunday, 8 March 2009

Weekend Over!

Weekend over soon! I'll have to admit that this weekend has been better than a lot of others, even though I can't say I feel good about it! :) Guess it'll take some work before getting my weekends to work.

I've mostly been catching up on domestic duties this weekend, cleaning a very messy apartment, doing a lot of laundry, and just general stuff around the place. Unfortunately not much studying though, so I'll be hard at that first thing tomorrow morning!

I have to make some preparations for tomorrow though, as it seems I will have to address the entire Hebrew group tomorrow, regarding the mentor activity. I know that it's a good thing to do, and I'm not panicking about it - yet! - but I do feel uncomfortable doing it, I can't help that.
(and yes at some point I WILL do a proper personal update about the mentor-thing!!!)

Otherwise not much to say really ... Weekend been slow, and I don't a lot planned for this week either. There are Old Testament lectures Monday, Tuesday (+ mentor meeting), Thursday and Friday - and I don't have anything planned apart from that! I really hope I can get a lot of studying done for my own course this week, as I don't have anything else I have to focus on!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


storschan said...

Vad gör du på Onsdag? Jag är i Lund då.

Jessica said...

Eh ... onsdag är min "lediga dag", enda dagen jag inte behöver vara i Lund! *typiskt*
Fast jag är hemma med huvudvärk idag, så eventuellt kommer jag kanske att åka in då ändå ...
När är du där?!