Monday, 2 March 2009

Yay - it's a week-day! :)

Sorry, I know most everyone does not like Mondays, but considering the way I can NEVER EVER get a weekend to work out for me, I'm quite fond of them actually! :)

We had Old Testament lecture at 10 this morning, and this particular area of the Hebrew studies are quite interesting to me, because we didn't quite go about it this way when I took the course (it's a new teacher now), so that makes it very exciting to me! :) (Guess I'm the only one - with few exceptions, who things it's exciting to find out exactly WHY the vowels change the way they do when you change the form of a particular word! *lol* Lena would agree, that I know, right?!? :) But I'm in good company, I know at least two other language-"nerds" around now ... even though one's retired and one is almost done with his PhD ... so I'm a bit behind those two ... *lol*)
Anyway .... what I was coming to was the fact that I stayed the whole lecture instead of leaving at 11.

I had a brief lunch and then studied some ... was having a bit of trouble concentrating, because I know the library is totally crowded around lunch time, so I sat outside the lecture halls ... not so great perhaps, but I only had about 1-1½ hours. Then it was time for the follow-up meeting with the student counsellor. He'd prepared a letter for me which was very detailed and probably will go a long way in my struggle for money! :)

After the meeting I went straight home ... some things just turned out generally *wrong*, but at least it sort of turned around after a while - which only goes to show - for me - that weekdays are good! On weekdays, bad things turn around and work out, on weekends, the bad things just keep getting worse!
(And yes, I'm just totally overdoing it, and trying to provoke a reaction - sorry guys! *lol*)

I did a bit of baking tonight, for the mentor meeting tomorrow (but it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, which was my fault entirely), I've written my side of the letter to CSN, so I'll make the last copies, prints etc later on so I can post it tomorrow. Then I should do a rough plan for the mentor meeting and at least get some studying done!

Take care!


The Darkest Night said...'s good SOMEONE likes Mondays LOL I tend to hate them ;)

what did you bake? *curious*

storschan said...

Varför ändras de då? vokalerna???
plus en undring till, men den passar sig inte så här offentligt.....

Jessica said...

The Darkest Night: *LOL* Well, I tend to HATE weekends (since about a year back), so I'm just happy when it's Monday and my life can start function again.
Re: the baking - nothing fancy at all (kinda hate being in a kitchen) so just simple muffins! :)

storschan *skratt* Egentligen borde jag nog ha skrivit HUR snarare än varför ... men det finns väldigt specifika regler för hur och när varje vokal förändras på vilket sätt (har att göra med betoning, vart starkton, biton och obetonad stavelse befinner sig i förhållande till vokaler som kan vara föränderliga ... if that made any kind of sense?! *lol*).
Oj då, inofficiella undringar låter spännande ... :) Ser fram emot att ses imorgon!!