Friday, 28 November 2008

14,000 - Thank You!

Well, it seems people are reading this blog - we reached 14,000 visitors today! Thank You!
Still missing comments from most of you, but I guess I don't keep this blog for getting comments, right?! :)

I've had a day of mixed feelings today ... this afternoon most of it turned bad, so I'm not in a great mood right now, that's for sure! I hadn't planned on making this entry at all, but when I realized we hit 14,000 I just had to write something! :)

I was at lectures today, despite feeling terrible and running a fever. Not sure if it gave me anything, but I feel I should be there for these last lectures before the exam, sick or not. At least we got a few laughs, and that's not bad, right?

I should have gotten a lot of studying done today, but unfortunately I've been feeling my cold as well as a pretty bad headache, so I haven't been in study-mode. I just hope I'll start feeling better soon, because I NEED to start studying for the exam now!! I can deal with the fever with pills, so that's no major concern, but I'm still in a lot of pain, no matter what I do, and that makes it hard to focus and concentrate.

Won't go into a complaining-marathon, but instead try to get some sleep and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!

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