Friday, 14 November 2008

Down and Up Again!

I had a been of a down-turn yesterday ... I guess it wasn't a big thing really, but there was a kind of "incident", and everything about it just turn totally wrong. I know I shouldn't let something like that get to me, and I don't think I usually do, but the circumstances there and then made me feel pretty horrible about most things!

I hardly slept at all last night, but I did managed to get to lectures this morning, and that felt good. My mood was more than foul however, and I mostly felt like crawling up in a corner and make myself invisible. The group functions really well though - and it's a small group - so I could tell everyone I was in a terrible mood and wouldn't be much company ...
Lectures worked out - I told the teacher I was hardly even present and my mind didn't work at all, so I didn't have to translate anything. It was nice to "get out of it", but fact of the matter is, I wasn't as relieved as I thought I would be. And I'm very happy about that, because it tells me that I really have managed to de-dramatize the whole situation in a very real way! I just hope I can keep it that way!

Most of today I have spent writing in my diary! Partly about this "incident", but also about a lot of other stuff that has been piling up, that I haven't had time to deal with properly - and that helps me a lot! I feel like I've cleared my mind in a very real way now, and I have put a lot of things behind me (including yesterday's incident), and I'm ready to get back into things again!

I'm hoping this will help me to not waste another weekend, because I really can't afford that the way things are now! I have to make both Greek studies and my essay work, and for that, I need to raise my efficiency levels pretty drastically - and what better way to do that than get a full two-days of studying in?! :)

Short summary tonight, but it's really late, I'm really tired and I have to at least try to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow!

I have updated my other two blogs tonight (only in Swedish, sorry for those of you that I'm excluding) - and also worked out new layouts for them (found a totally cool new website that makes it really easy!)! I love the new layouts myself (feel free to tell me what you think!), and I was thinking about changing the layout on this blog, which after all is my "main" blog ... but I did decide against it. I have kept the layout of this blog intact almost since I started it, which is over 2 years ago - I rather like it (even if it is a bit plain) and it seems to be working!
I'd love to hear your opinions though - both on this blog and the others if you like - what kinds of layouts do you like? Dislike? What is appealing to you? Feel free to leave a comment! :)

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Good night everybody - I hope you have enjoyed your Friday night!

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The Darkest Night said...

love the new layouts! I think the blue one is my favourite, but both are great!! (and yeah left comments on the other blogs too..)

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment! Always nice to know what my readers think! :)
(And I'm glad you like them of course! *lol*)