Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I have had a strange few days now, not quite sure what to say about them ... they've just been ... weird ...
I have felt a little better this afternoon, and at least have gotten some studying done, so I hope I'm gonna be back on track again now! I know I get like this at times - but it's annoying since I have so much going on right now that I need to finish and work on and work out. Still, no use dwelling on the past! I am, like I said, feeling better now, so hopefully things will move on more smoothly from now on!

I really don't have that much to write about, been studying a lot of Greek lately, because we're getting some time off from Greek lectures when our teacher will go to America (lucky guy, huh?!), and I want to focus on my essay during those lecture free days ... which is why I want to stay ahead with the Greek preparations now!
Not doing all to bad though, apparently we're going to start chapter nine tomorrow and I just finished chapter eleven tonight, (and both nine and ten are fairly long), so I think I'm doing okay with that.
We have lectures tomorrow and Thursday, and then nothing until next Thursday! *GASP!* Still, the time won't be that efficient for me ...
On Friday morning, I'll go up to visit my families - the super-shortest little visit. Okay, long backstory here *lol*!
I have a hard time transporting myself up north for the Christmas holidays, so usually my Dad and I have met about half way (in Gothenburg) in December, he's driven there and I've taken bus/train, then we've swapped, so I've taken the car home, and then I have a car for when I'm going for the holidays will all my packing and Zorro. This year that won't work, because my Dad and his family will go on a major trip, a two-week trip to Florida as an early celebration of his birthday (which is in January). Therefore I'm gonna go up on Friday by bus, and take the car back with me on Saturday ... intense few days, but at least I get to see them a short while before their trip (they leave in mid-December and will be back for Christmas).
That does however mean less intense studies! :)
On Thursday I'll have to get everything ready, minor packing, cleaning, preparing Zorro (Lena will come and check in on him once while I'm away) etc. - and hopefully some studying. And I'll be gone Friday and Saturday ...
But I do hope I'll get a lot of work done on my essay as I at least have four whole days - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And if I can get enough ahead on Greek like ... tomorrow ... I might not have to prepare anything for Thursday and Friday next week either, meaning I can get that time for my essay as well ...

Sorry about the rambling ... I have translated about 90 Bible verses today, so my brain feels overcooked!
Anyway, I hope I'll be back to everyday blogging soon ... and hopefully some adorable pictures of my little sisters on Sunday! :)

Blog Dedication:
Two Blog Dedications today:
* To Lena, for passing her Systematic Theology exam once and for all! YAY YOU! :)
* To Storsmulan, for receiving great news for great accomplishments! YAY YOU TOO! :)

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The Darkest Night said...

that's cool! I hope you have a great little vacation with your family! (and yes, looking forward to seeing the pics too lol) :)

Have you given any more thought to our little tradition? I don't mean to pressure you, and i understand if you can't, but i'm starting to run out of weekends,so would be good if we got it planned ASAP if we're gonna do it...

anyway, hope to see you online some day... *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dedication, your thoughts mean a lot, you know that.

Jessica said...

The darkest night: Yeah, it'll be a mini vacation, less than 24 hours, but I guess it's better than nothing! :)

I have thought about our tradition, and I agree with you, I don't have a lot of suitable weekends either. I hope we can meet online soon, I am so super-stressed out now, but we should at least be able to see if we CAN stick to our tradition or not this year ... I think it would be wonderful if it were possible, but at the same time, things are a bit strange and unusual for both of us this year, so I don't think we should force ourselves to make it work, if it seems difficult. What do you think?
Hope we'll catch up soon! *hugs*

Storsmulan: No worries! I think about you a lot, you know! :)

The Darkest Night said...

hey...yeah I totally agree!

I mean I would of course love to see you, and to keep up our lovely tradition...but if it doesn't work it doesn't... it should after all be fun, not something we are "forced" to do... but yeah, lets try to meet online soon and then maybe we can see if it's possible or not to make it happen....
I'm back to work now (after being sick since Friday night)... should be home some time around 6 pm I would think... send me an SMS if you feel like talking and I can come online...... *hugs*