Sunday, 9 November 2008

Great Week - Not-So-Great Weekend!

I'm definitely seeing the same tendencies now as I did last semester when it comes to comparing the week and the weekend. When things in my life work out fairly well - which they did most of last semester, and have done these past few weeks - I am in a good mood during the weeks, I can stay alert, I get things done ... and on the weekends it's just the opposite!
I sleep way to much, and I get almost apathetic, I don't have the energy to do anything ... and that feels terrible!
I know the basic concept is that you are supposed to catch up on sleep and relax during the weekends, but that doesn't really work out for me. First and foremost, I never have the energy to study effectively for 8 hours a day Monday through Friday, which means I have to study during weekends. Also not helping the fact that I'm studying more than full time (the Greek-course is full time, and on top of that I have my essay) - which also means I have to study during the weekend. And apparently I'm not ... at least not as much as I should. Which makes me be in a bad mood!

This Greek-course is not quite what I had expected, and it kind of has a new concept as to how it's been before, meaning it's actually more intense than the last course - instead of the opposite. We go through about 35-45 Bible verses every single day - and as I have discussed in previous entries, I have to at least have done the analysis if I'm going to cope.
And I do ... I mean, preparation of one Greek lecture takes me about 5 hours, and that's fine ... I can do that on a daily basis.
Just one problem: My essay!! It has been sooooo difficult to get it going, and now I have at least gotten started (I think), even though I am rather confused. I kind of messed up the seminar, since I had a migraine, and I really feel I have to start getting the whole essay thing back on track again! I also have to have a meeting with the professor this coming week (hopefully LATE this coming week), and by then (or a couple of days before) I need to email him what I have gotten so far ... which isn't much ... which means I have to find the time to add more ...
It's a mess!!

Mentally and emotionally I am doing really well!! I am still amazed at how well this week has been, and how content I am with the way things are on a more psychological level!
But the stress factor, in getting everything done in time and being prepared enough, is really starting to get to me - and I think this gets more evident during weekends (which might also explain my bad weekend-mood). During the week I am so busy just doing things, getting to lectures, keeping up with Greek preparations, meeting friends, do the shopping etc. that I don't really have time to see the big picture - which I do on weekends ... and I quickly realize I'm in trouble!

Okay, enough complaining - sorry about that!
While I am nervous about what the future will hold, and how I will cope with everything, I am 100%, and more, motivated to make it work, and make it work in a good way! And even thoug motivation isn't everything, I know it goes a long way!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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The Darkest Night said...

Sorry to hear you had a not-so-great weekend.... .weekends tend to be rather bad for me too, because all the thoughts you don't have time for during the weekdays tend to pop up then....and there are also all the expectations that you need to do SO much during the weekends and have SO much fun..and that's not always possible...

rambling, sorry... lol

hope next week will be great for you - good luck with everything!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I understand what you mean - you are SUPPOSED to really enjoy weekends ... not so easy though!
My problem is I never ever DO anything during weekends, though I really know I feel a lot better when I get things done ... guess I'm just a hopeless case!

Take care, hope to catch you online soon!

The Darkest Night said...

LOL well good luck with that - I hope your next weekend will be great! :)

hope to see you soon too!! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks, I hope yours will be too! :)