Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Good Weekend!

I have to say this weekend has been really good - it has been a great way to wind down after the last few tough week and a good preparation for what lies ahead!

Friday was really slow, once I got home. I did absolutely nothing, which felt wonderful, and I think I really needed to just let go of everything!

Saturday morning I spent cleaning the apartment, which was a MESS! I also managed to do some grocery shopping, and start checking a bit on my essay, before Lena and Tobias came. This was the first time I met Tobias, and it was really nice they had the time to come by for a little to eat before the movie. It ended up being a lot of movie-talk in general, as it is a common interest! :) And of course, Zorro joined in the conversation! *lol*
Then we went to see Quantum of Solace, which had it's ups and downs. As usual, I have a very hard time knowing what I think of a Bond movie until I've seen it a few times, but I'd say I reacted more or less as I had anticipated - something were good, some were not so good ...
I have made a review of the movie (see below) for those interested - but it might contain spoilers if you haven't seen it.

For some reason, I was completely exhausted this morning, I had such a hard time getting started! I had slept fairly good (at least by my standards), but I guess most of the stress and anxiety of the last few weeks started catching up with me once I started relaxing. It took a long time before I was up and about properly, but I managed to send out a bunch of emails this morning, went for a walk, and have worked on my essay this afternoon.
I have finally started actually writing something, when it comes to the essay. I still have major boundries and feel insecure about a lot, but I have written (as a first draft of course) most of the "Introduction" part of it ... so I have gotten almost 2 pages ... I guess that's something, right? I also have a few concrete areas listed that I need to check up on, in order to be able to complete it ... I know I have fallen way behind on the essay, but at least now I'm finally feeling I have started it, so at least that feels good!

Tomorrow starts a new intense week and a new intense course! We have lectures Monday through Friday - starting a course on the Gospel of Mark - but I don't think I have anything else planned for this week yet. Tomorrow I'll stay at Uni studying, and hopefully I'll catch up with Lena as well, and then we might have a mentor meeting, though I'm not sure if we're having it since we're just starting this course. I know I'll have tons of studying to do, so I'm not complaining about "only" having lectures. Apparently we're gonna have to go through one chapter every single day - and I checked the Gospel of Mark: the shortest chapter has about 25 verses, which is okay ... the longest chapter has over 70 verses ... you have one day to prepare 70 verses?!?!?! *yikes* On top of that, I also have to really work on my essay, otherwise I'll never get it ready in time ...
Guess this weekend was the only none-stressing time I got this semester, huh?!

I'm actually quite tired, so I'd better head off to bed early tonight.
Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

happy to hear you had a nice weekend! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks!
Long time since we "spoke" now, hope to catch you online some day ... though I hardly have time to be online now! But I've missed you! :)
Take care!

The Darkest Night said...

yeah...miss you!! hope to catch you online some day...*hugs*