Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Amazing News!!

Yup, I have some truly amazing news to share ...
We got our Greek exams back today. Our teacher handed them out, when he brought me mine, he didn't give me a chance to look at it, he just stared at me and stated loudly: "You're nuts!"
I practically had a heart attack - and I wonder what the other students thought?! - and figured I had misunderstood the whole thing and had scored a big fat 0 on my exam!! Until I turned it over, and saw I had scored 48 out of 48 possible!!! *GASP*!!
That was well and truly totally unexpected!! I was more or less sure I had passed, and I had some hope I would get VG (the high grade), but definitely nothing like this!! It's actually a first for me too, I have never had top score on an exam before ... *grinning like an idiot*
I am sometimes being "accused" (in a loose sense of the word!!) of being a language-nerd (hrm - anybody in particular I'm thinking of here, maybe??), and I think I have got the ultimate proof now, so that's probably all true. I took - unofficially - the Hebrew language-exam in March, and had 51 out of 52 possible ... now I'm taking the Greek language-exam and score 48 out of 48 ...
There are still some areas and issues that surrounds the exam that I'm not 100% thrilled about, but it's all on an emotional level, and actually hardly worth even noticing! :)

I actually felt like I was in 7th heaven, and had a very hard time coming down to Earth and start analyzing the Gospel of Mark! I really didn't have a choice though ...:)
Once again, I practised my "translating-in-front-of-everybody" thing, that I still have difficulties with! I do it, most of the time, but it's not something that comes easy to me. Yesterday and today has probably been the best days so far, but it's still not something I can do without thinking about it. And I kinda bailed on one sentence today ... *feeling a little guilty* I had prepared it, but I couldn't get it to make any kind of sense whatsoever, and I couldn't really cope with that ... Still, I think I translated maybe four verses in total - and that's not all bad, right?!

I went straight home after Uni, but I think the excitement surrounding the exam was too much for me, because I quickly developed a pretty bad headache that I had a hard time getting rid of ... It's only just disappeared - meaning I should get a whole lot of Greek-studying in now. Fortunately for me, we are a bit behind schedule, so I think I have prepared most of what we'll go through tomorrow, but I still want to get a bit more done ... and I had hoped to get ahead a little, as I have to start dealing with my essay on Friday and during the weekend ... Even though I need to get up at 4 a.m., I should be able to get at least 1½-2 hours studying in now, and I think I still have some adrenaline left over from this morning, so hopefully I won't fall asleep in Novum Testamentum Greace. :)

I did take a long (1½ hours) walk this afternoon, in hopes of making the headache go away - here are some photos! :)

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

WOW!! That's so cool! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

Love the photos! Especially number 7 :)
one question the first and last photo the same, or am I going nuts? lol...sorry...

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks! I could hardly believe my eyes! :)

Glad you enjoy the photos - and you're absolutely right *trying to correct the order/url:s of the photos*! Thanks for pointing that out! :)

Jessica said...

Edit: Photos fixed! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Thanks! That last photo is really pretty!! :)

Jessica said...

No worries ...
I do have a "thing" for these ocean photos - but I think it's not just the photos, it's also the fact that I LOVE walking along the ocean when I need to clear my mind ... :)

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah I can totally understand that! The ocean is so special..wish I lived near it..