Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Blog-Thing Working!

I actually do think I've gotten the blog-thing working again. It's been hard for me blogging like I used to these past weeks, but I have a feeling I've gotten back into it today!

I stayed at home today which was really nice after the intense day yesterday. I have managed to clean my appartment - yay - and also gotten at least some studying done. I hate the fact that you're never ever happy with what you do when you're a student ... you can always do more ... but right now I'm starting to feel really, really nervous about this course.
I had a smiliar exam last June (for another teacher but in the same subject), and while I passed, I really was walking a fine line ... and of course I'm feeling terrified it will be the same again this time ... *gulp*
I think one reason that I'm feeling this way is that I know I've been studying FAR to little right now, and it's a really big exam. I don't have any excuses for not studying - sure, January was pretty horrible (and it's had some aftereffects too), and I have been focusing a lot on the mentor thing ... but that doesn't mean I can't study for my own exams, I simply have to make them work as well.

I wish I could say I'd lock myself in an empty room for the next week or so, and study more or less 24/7, but unfortunately that won't work. I still have lectures to attend, mentor meetings to plan and lead, other meetings to attend, I REALLY need to get a haircut SOON (I look like a scarecrow at the moment, it's terrible) ... and all of those things take up time and energy too! *sighing*
Guess I'll have to do whatever I can and hope for the best, right?! *trying to smile a little*

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