Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm Back! :)

I apologize for my absence lately - the weekend wasn't really great at all, lots of things going on that were too good. I had my usual "come-back-day" yesterday, I had a headache so I didn't go to Uni, but I still managed to get some stuff done, both practically and emotionally, and that usually puts me back on track again.

Today I had an Old Testament lecture and mentor meeting, apart from my own studies of course.
The lecture was okay, but I more and more feel I need to make an effort and really be there for when they go through new stuff. It's the BEST repetition for me, and I can clearly see that it helps me a lot when I'm working with my own texts. It's easy to think you can skip lectures when you're not really required to be there (since I'm mentor I'm required to be at one lecture every week, but that's all), but I really really want to try to be there for pretty much all the lectures.

We had so much to do today, that we didn't even get a break in the middle, and that was quite tough. I had the beginning of a headache this morning, and trust me when I say it didn't get better. I had hoped for the break, to get some extra coffee and water and a bit of a break, but no such luck.
We finished right after 12 and were supposed to have the mentor meeting straight afterwards. I had to get the coffee and cookies and stuff, and everybody needed 5 minutes after the intense lecture - and when I got back the students had ended up in a discussion with our teacher. A discussion/talk that lasted 30 minutes! *yikes* I had planned to stop the meeting at 1, since I had a horrible headache and I really need to focus on my own studies! But I realized that wouldn't happen after that little delay! :)

The mentor meeting was good, I think they do work out now, really! I feel more comfortable, and it seems there's been a group of 5 students that come every time! Naturally, there's good if more people come, but if these five come, I will be satisfied. I like them, they function as a group, and there are enough of them to actually DO things!
I do have some other thoughts regarding the mentor-thing, but I really don't feel comfortable writing about all of that in a public blog. There might be an entry in my personal blog and/or personal messages to my friends, because I have a feeling I'll need other's thoughts, opinions and views on this.

My headache developed into the beginning of a migraine - and as soon as I could stop the mentor meeting (3 of the students decided to stay though!) I had to go home ... which wasn't my plan! I stuffed myself with pills, but the headache stuck with me, and I haven't had a chance to get started on my studies until it was about 6 p.m. NOT good!!

Tomorrow I won't go to Uni. There are no OT lectures tomorrow, and I have to get a haircut around lunch tomorrow, so I don't have to get up really early. I feel pretty okay, I got about an hour's sleep when I got home, so I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done tonight (drinking coffee now too) ... because I'm seriously getting a panic over this exam.
It will be on Monday afternoon and I'm more anxious about this exam than I have been in a long time ...

Well, back to studies now!

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