Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Crazy And Good Day!

My day feels rather insane actually, even though it's been good - and this afternoon I've been soooo tired!! I really really really should have cleaned my appartment tonight, but there's just No Way!

But I guess I'd better start at the beginning! :)
I debated with myself this morning, which train to take, but I was tired then as well, and decided I could take the later train! Which was in itself late ... I usually accept those things, becuase I know there's nothing I can do about it - no matter how mad I get, the train won't come sooner, but I'm totally starting to loose my patience now. I think the owner-ship of the company changed or something - because there's been some changes made recently ... among other things the fact that the trains are never on time!!
This meant I was kind of late for Uni, I arrived at the Department at about 9.55, the lectures starts at 10.15, and I did have a few things to do before that!! As soon as I arrived I met a guy from the OT-course, and since I'm mentor, I just can't brush people off, but I felt completely stressed out! I made the conversation as short as I could, rushed in and started a pot of coffee. While the coffee was in the making I rushed down to the student union (in the basement *lol*) and borrowed cups and spoons ... rushed back to my coffee and fixed all the stuff for the mentor meeting and stuck it in a bag.
Wehn upstairs to the second level, I had planned to get some copies made for the mentor meeting, but when I got up there, it was 10.12, so ... no!
Instead I went on the lecture, but - and I hate to admit it - didn't pay much attention to what was going on. I had my mind full of mentor-meeting planning, checking the handout I was going to copy and check out an attendance list for the mentor meeting ...
Before I knew it, the teacher called for a break. I suddenly realized that I had made surveys for the students about the mentor meeting - so I quickly gave a yell and handed them out, before rushing out to get my copies done. After that I had to make a run for the coffee and stuff downstaris, but managed to get it all fixed in 10 minutes! *stress*
Second half of the lecture, I was too curious about the surveys to concentrate, I just had to check them out! :) Overall, I don't think I could have done much more than I have about getting people to come ... those who don't show up, just don't seem to want to ... and I can't do anything about that!

The teacher was a little late, and I actually saw my mentor supervisor outside, so that felt a bit embarressing, but I could hardly be blamed for the teacher not sttopping in time ... :)
Anyway, as soon as he was done, I made a call for the mentor meeting and headed out to greet my supervisor ... and tried to see if anybodoy would show up for the meeting! :)
I have to say that while things are not running super-smooth with the whole mentor thing, each meeeting is better than the previous - at least that's the way I feel.
There were five students there today, which is a decent turnout, since they were 2 or 3 last time. I was really nervous about my supervisor being there, but I really did feel like I handled it in a good way. I was able to actually lead the meeting - which is really what I'm there to do, but I have a hard time taking the initiative and actually being the leader. We went through a general discussion and I had my excercise with verbforms, which I think they appreciated! :) In fact, things were going so well, that all of them stayed ... finally my supervisor had to go because she had a seminar, but we actually kept the meeting going for over 1½ hours!!! And I got some positive feedback on the excercise, which feels really great!!

I really wish I had gotten the chance to talk to my supervisor, but she had to rush ... I do hope I'll get an opportunity later in the week though. There are some purely practical issues we need to discuss, and I also would like to hear her constructive thoughts on the meeting, also take up some stuff I have doubts about ...

I didn't get home until it was 3.30, and I have been completely exhausted ... which is SO NOT GOOD!! I do realize the mentor-thing is taking waaaay to much energy now, and I'm really starting to worry about my own exam. I'm thinking about staying home tomorrow, I still need to be 200% focused and getting things done, but it would be nice not having to worry about getting ready and having to watch the clock all day ....
But I'm definitely in for an early night tonight, that's for sure!

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