Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Really Good Day!

I've had a really good day though, even though I do feel I should do more studying tonight and I'm SO tired I can barely see the computer screen in front of me ...

But first things first. I had thought I'd go to Uni today, and attend the last half of the OT-lecture mostly because I think that when the teacher runs through the new stuff, it's really great repetition for me. The morning was mostly 'strange', so I decided not to rush to Uni. I needed to go anyway, but at least I wouldn't have to rush. I went online and a matter I had been struggling with a lot last night had apparently just solved itself when I logged on, so my mood dramatically improved. In fact, it improved so much I decided to go anyway, which meant *STRESS*!!
I managed to get to Uni in time, and I had a little chat with the teacher first. He was thrilled that I wanted to come, and that feels really good to hear. Unfortunately today he'd moved the 'new stuff' to the first half of the lecture (and he'll probably continue to do so), but I figured once I was there, I could just stay anyway. From now on, I'll try to make it to the first half though, because hearing him explain stuff is actually more rewarding for me than listening to the other students reading, translating and analyzing Hebrew sentences.

After the lecture, I started talking to the teacher and we had this totally amazing conversation! We got started on the Old Testament, on my courses this semester (he actually started reciting Ecclesiastes - that I'm doing a reading course on now - to me in Hebrew! *LOL*), on the new education system (which we both hate), and we just seem to think alike on a lot of stuff!! He also hinted that he wanted to start - probably this fall - an 'unofficial' reading/seminar group, for students who have taken Hebrew and want to keep it alive (there are no continuing courses now, in the new system, unless you count reading courses and essays, and they are very special), and I pretty much jumped out of my skin!!!! That was such a fantastic idea, I felt like hugging him! Well, almost anyway! :)
Later on we met up with another student from the course, and we just kept talking and talking and talking ... for an hour!!! Yikes!!! :)
It was really nice though, and I enjoyed it a lot!

I did some studying in the library before having a personal meeting with my mentor supervisor. We have a joint mentor-thing tomorrow, but I felt I wanted to talk to her in person today, partly about the meeting, where she attended, to hear her comments, but I also had something else I wanted to discuss with her. This other thing might pretty much solve itself though, so we just agreed I should wait and see on that! But I got some good feedback on the meeting, and some constructive things on what to do in the future so that was really good.

I did have a headache, despite my good day, so when I was finished, at 3 p.m. I decided to go home and cure my headache. It took a while, but I've at least gotten some studying done tonight. I am so horribly tired though, and I'm thinking, maybe I need to switch day and night a little. I get really really tired around 9 p.m. - and I mean so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. The question is if I should try to go to bed that early (even though it always takes me about 2-2½ hours from when I go to bed to when I fall asleep, because Zorro thinks that's the funniest time to play aorund ... *sigh*) - and get up really early instead?!?!
I usually function better in the morning, so that might be an idea. Go to bed between 9 and 10 p.m. and constantly set my alarm for 3.50 or 4 a.m.?!?! Might work. Even though I have a lengthy morning routine, that should make me be able to study for at least 2-3 hours effectively before I need to go to Uni! Not bad ...

And with that said - I'm off to bed! :)
Good night everyone!

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