Sunday, 8 February 2009

Gathering Strength!

I have in some way gotten over the Friday-email-incident ... though not completely! Or rather, I can function again now, but I still feel really sad and upset about what he said.

Now I am however trying to look forward to next week, mostly tomorrow and Tuesday, which will be the 'heavy days'.
Lots of stuff going on tomorrow, and I don't really have the energy to run through all the details here. Basically I'm going to an Old Testament lecture, and I have to handout a survey to the students, to see if I can get to the bottom of why they are not turning up on the mentor meetings. For that to happen I have to arrange a date with the copier before the lecture - and in case you didn't know, I'm terrified of any kind of machinery, as they tend to broke or stop working or more or less explode when I get my hands on them ... but I don't think I have a choice tomorrow.
I also have to visit a larger University library to get a book for my current course, I have to get some serious studying done in our library, and hopefully - as one good thing of the day - I'm going for coffee with a friend!! *fingers crossed*
There are a few other incidents I have to deal with as well tomorrow, so I'm thinking that will be a pretty tough day!

On Tuesday again is the OT lecture and then the mentor meeting. This time the supervisor will attend, and even though I haven't gotten that far in my preparations yet, I have a feeling that will be a major stress factor which will raise my anxiety levels drastically. I am glad I have spoken to her about the problems I'm having, but it will still feel like she's there "judging" me and what I do ....

And, of course, LOADS of studying! I'm planning to spend as much time as I possibly can at the Department library, because even though I tend to get really tired in there (the air is terrible), at least I get more done than when I'm at home ...

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Dakota said...

Good luck with everything!!

// Dakota

Jessica said...

Thanks Dakota!
Hope you are doing well!