Saturday, 28 February 2009

Time To Get Started!

This morning was kind of intense ... No weekend sleep-in for me, as I had to get Uni, the Department Library is open 10-2 on Saturdays now, and since the issue with the books had been resolved, I actually needed to get them!
I arrived at the Department around 10.15 only to find the whole place pitch dark and all the doors locked!! What the ...?!?! I didn't know what to do, I mean ... would could I do, apart from breaking in (not a good idea!!) but still, time flies by sooo quickly now, I didn't want to waste another two days of studying!!
I walked around the building a couple of times - don't know what good I figured that would do, it would hardly get the doors open (unless I could compare myself to Joshua, who walked around Jericho seven times and the wall fell down ... not a bad comparison if I do say so myself! *lol*). I finally realized there was nothing I could do, so I was just about to turn back and head for the railway station. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a girl I've been studying with before and I seemed to be headed toward the Department! I immediately doubled back, we met outside and she had also realized the doors were locked! BUT, while we were talking, apparently someone had seen us (I think there was one other guy there as well by then), and they opened the door - the library was opened, but still hadn't been lit up or anything! Guess the guy responsible overslept! ;)

I finally did get the books and even though there was some problems getting into the computer system, it worked out and I could take the next train home! *YAY!*

For some reason I've been extremely tired today, I really hope I'm not about to catch a cold or something - I definitely do NOT have time for that right now! Guess all I can do now is hope tomorrow will be better!

I'm actually planning an outing tomorrow morning as well ...:) Lena will be giving a sermon at a Church service tomorrow, and it would be really wonderful to go! I haven't been to Church in ... well, not counting my sisters' baptisms I guess it must be over 10 years. Wow, time really does fly ... I think it would be nice to see Lena though, almost all of my friends want to be priests and I'm actually ahsamed to say I have not seen one of them in that particular role. Guess it's about time!
It will be an early morning though, Church Service starts at 9.30 and I have a fair way to travel to get there (also includes a lot of changes, and public traffic isn't the best on a Sunday morning) - so I'll make sure to get to bed early tonight!


The Darkest Night said...

Sorry for being bad at isn't too great at the moment and i seem to have ZERO energy...

anyway, happy to hear you were able to get into the library!

Jessica said...

No problem - I know just the way things can be!!
Hope to see you online SOON!

The Darkest Night said...

yeah seems like ages since we last talked!