Friday, 20 February 2009

Just A Message!

Hi everyone!

Just a short entry to let you know - I'm in a serious state of PANIC about this stupid exam coming up on Monday! I know I was anxious about the Greek exams, but that was nothing compared to this, that's for sure!!
Anyway, if I'm going to have even the tiniest little chance of passing this exam, I'm going to have to study every single minute I can keep my eyes open, starting now!
Therefore: no blog entries! Sorry, but there's just no way! And besides, what would I write:
"Today I studied."
"I studied more today."
"Now I have done translations."
That pretty much covers what will be going on here for the next three days! :)

So, just letting you know that while I won't be updating here now, I will return when I'm back to keeping a human schedule again!

Seeya, and take care!