Monday, 10 September 2007

Better ... And Worse

Strange day indeed!!
I actually had a good morning, I was efficient, I got things done, I felt good about myself. At about eleven I was going downtown to catch a bus to a nearby mall, as I had a ton of errands to run. There was this huge mix-up with the citybuses, when I finally got on a bus, it must have the slowest bus in Sweden, because we never seemed to get anywhere - and when we finally got downtown, the other bus had left like 15 seconds earlier! Thanks a lot!

This kinda ruined my mood ... not surprisingly, I guess! I wasn't quite as efficient when I had to go back home and not getting my errands run.

Tonight I finally came to realize that my Uni semester starts tomorrow!! *Yikes!* I have tried some serious mental preparation tonight, I've written in my diary more or less non-stop for about 2½ hours, so I'm hoping I have least come up with something!

I can't say that I feel confident about this semester, because for some reason I haven't been feeling great these last few weeks! I really feel I should have gotten lots and lots of stuff done, been organzied and prepared and whatnot, and I haven't felt up for any of it! I guess I'm a bit sorry about that, but I know that nothing good will come out of me moaning about what I should have done. I hope I can really pick up the pieces now and try my very very hardest not to let this semester turn into the chaos I experienced last semester. I think it's very important, at least for the first few weeks, to keep my mind on last semester (even reading my diaries from that time now), in order to stop the same thing from happening now as well.
I'm in this strange mood where I never seem to get the energy to get things done, I just put them off for later, and later, and later. Which is what I did last semester and when ended up in complete disaster! So I think it's really, really important I realize that this is NOT the way to handle Uni! Period!

I guess I should finish off my diary entry now and try to get some sleep ....

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