Friday, 7 September 2007

Generally Confusing!

My life is just generally confusing right now - which is why I haven't done much blogging lately. I know I should be doing lots and lots and lots of stuff, and although I feel like I'm trying to keep busy most of the time, I never seem to get anything done! Very annoying!

Lot of uncertainties regarding Uni as well. I have an essay I should have finished last fall, which I should be working on, but I'm very insecure about the whole thing, so I should contact my tutor. But I'm having him for a rather special course this semester as well, so I should contact him regarding that as well. But now I've found out that I might have made a mistake in taking the courses I'm taking this semester, I might need to change them - which would mean not taking that particular course at all ... Oh, did I mention things are confusing!?!?!?

Starting next week, more practical things will happen. I have a meeting with my student councellor, I have an introduction to a course (for once, one I know I'm going to take!!), I'm going to visit work etc, so hopefully some of the confusing will disappear then. The only problem is that since it will be such an intense week I feel like I should have gotten as much as possible done before it starts ... oh, God, I'm just babbling ... sorry ... I'll shut up now!

I did pretty well on Tradera this time though, sold for a little over 300:- (about US$44), which feels great. I've added another bunch of auctions today (and included the ones I didn't sell as well ...). You can check them out | here |.

I have only one thing planned for tomorrow, so I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up a bit around the house - and with myself! I'm gonna need all the mental preparation I can get in order to make it through next week. Hopefully I don't have anything I have to do on Friday though, because than I can really relax with Sara and Johanna on Thursday! I'm sooo looking forward to our dinner .... I even found a (for me!) totally new drink-recipe that I'm definately going to try out! :)

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