Sunday, 9 September 2007

Such A Hard Time Getting Started!

No matter what I do these days I can't seem to be efficient and get things done! I'm very annoyed with myself because I know that I can really get a lot of stuff done, if I set my mind to it. I can study 200% and really learn something (after all, I got VG on my last exam and I did about 97% of the studying for that exam in one week!), I can get other things like errands, stuff online, cleaning etc done in an efficient way ... so why am I not doing that now!??!

I don't have anything major planned for tomorrow - once again trying to really get started would be good!!! - but I'm desperately hoping I will feel better and manage to get things done!! It's really like a vicious circle when it comes to this, because for some reason I can't get things done, which makes me feel bad, and when I feel bad, I tend not to get a lot done, and when I don't get things done, I feel even worse and ... yeah, you get the picture ... *sigh*

Guess all I can do is hope for a good night's sleep and a better day tomorrow ... right?!

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My Plans for tomorrow: EVERYTHING that hasn't gotten done today!


The Darkest Night said...

aw...days like that are so annoying! (i had a simliar Sunday)

You know you have a lot to do. You know you COULD get it done... but yet the hours go by and nothing happens...hate it!

Good luck with everything tomorrow!
Oh I found a TV week from 1987 with Philip Quast in it (was searching for Peter O'brien
*lol*) Do you have that one?

Jessica said...

I know, it's really horrible! I get soooo frustrated with myself!!

I saw that TV Guide too! :) Me want!! Problem is: Me want too many things and me have to little money! *lol* Just realizeed I have to buy a Hebrew Dictionary that will cost about 600:- *yikes*

The Darkest Night said...

Sure know THAT feeling... trying to save money for the move, yet I can't even find an apartment so it feels pretty pointless... plus with everything going on at the moment I'm really not good at keeping track of my money... that's an expensive dictionary!! (might come in handy if you want to translate the les miz cd though LOL). One thing I do NOT miss about the uni is all the expensive books...

Jessica said...

Yeah, the money-thing can certainly seem like a problem!! Good luck apartment-hunting! I totally know what that's like - I started looking for a new place in August 2004 and ended up moving at the end of May 2005 .. so it can take a while, that's for sure!

Yeah, I think the dictionary will come in handy - although I'd really like the written lyrics to the Hebrew Les Miz - would be a lot easier ... but they seem impossible to get!