Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Very Confusing!

The big thing today was a meeting with my student councellor - and boy did it end up being very confusing!
The Swedish University system are currently undergoing some major changes, to better adapt to the European University systems with the same types of courses, credits, grades and degrees - which naturally is very messy for us students. I had my mind set on completing my degree according to the old system (which you can do until the year 2015), as I have already taken so many courses.
Lately I've more and more come to realize that I would like to continue after my degree to do post-graduate studies and eventually study for a doctor's degree ... so this was what I was going to talk to my student councellor about!

Before long, she told me I simply had to change to the new system in order for things to work out later on. Only that meant some changes, I even had to change a course this semester for that to work. This will lead up to a Bachelor's Degree, (which is supposed to be three years - more about that later though), later I would continue for two years to get a Master's Degree, and then I would get on with my post-graduate study ... (apologies if these titles aren't quite correct, I find it difficult to translate them as I only know the terms in Swedish properly).
Anyway, after a discussion with the councellor, I finally though I had things figured out, it felt pretty good, I knew what I had to do etc.

Then I went by bus to a mall, and I started reading through my notes, going through the courses I already have taken ... and absolutely nothing whatsoever made any sense!! I didn't get the credits I was supposed to, all of a sudden it seemed I had taken too many courses, and everything was a huge mess.
I started looking through it when I got home - emailed the concellor to get another appointment SOON (as she's leaving by the end of the month) - read through a bunch of rules and regulations online. I think I have come up with a new solution again, one that will work out, but I definately need to run it by my counellor soon, because my idea would mean I need to change a course I'm about to start on Monday! *yikes*

Still, if my ideas and thoughts work out, I have my whole study plan ready - which feels great - and I will have my Bachelor's Degree next Christmas!! *big, silly smile* Feels kinda cool actually ...

Now I'm mostly looking forward to tomorrow night, when Sara and Johanna are coming for dinner! It's TACO TIME!! *lol* I haven't seen Johanna in, like 2 months or something, so it's gonna be great catching up - and celebrate that I got my VG on the last course!! *yay me*

Take care guys!

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