Friday, 14 September 2007

Let's Get Going!

I realize my blogging haven't been the best during the last few weeks. Not only do I feel like I have neglected this blog, I also feel I have not updated my other blogs as often as I should have - including Zorro's - so my apologies go to Zorro as well!

I really do hope that I will get more routine in my life now, because no matter how confusing my life is right now, I will for certain start this autumn semester on Monday, and I hope I can implement some routine in my life when my studies start for real!

I had another meeting with my student councellor today, and although I finally figured out what to do with the next three to four years, I still wasn't too happy about the meeting! As the Swedish University system is undergoing major changes, things are a big mess at the moment!! I had hoped to finish my degree according to the old system, but aparently that's out of the question, so now I'm going to have to "transfer" into the new system!
I had the whole thing pretty much figured out when I went to see my councellor, only to find that all the rules and regulations I had in mind when I figured out my plan, doesn't apply anymore! Thanks a lot!!
I have a very hard time just to change a way of thinking, and all of a sudden comply to a new way of thinking, and since I don't immediately get the new way, I feel really dumb and stupid - and I did get the feeling that I didn't understand a thing and that the councellor felt like she had to explain the whole thing to a three-year-old! I know I'm probably over-reacting, but it was rather a difficult session, that I have to admit!
At least we went through every semester until I will - hopefully! - get my Master of Theology Degree, so at least I hope I know what I will do for the next three years! But when I went home and checked the courses avaliable for next semester, there still seemed to be inconsistancies with what I had been told! *deep sigh*
This councellor will quit now - which is sad because she has helped me a lot - but I think I'll just have to try to wait until it's time to apply for next semester's courses and than email the other councellor than, to ask some more questions!

Enough boring Uni talk now - sorry folks!

I had a wonderful time last night, when Sara and Johanna came over for Taco-dinner! I really feel like I've found a couple of great friends there, and I can be totally relaxed and enjoy myself with them (and the fact is, that is not too common for me, I tend to worry a lot about what is going on, what I am saying and doing and how other people will interpret that), and that is a great feeling!!

Lots of laughs, of course - what else?!!? - even though we actually drank Pepsi throughout the night!! *gasp* Impressive, huh?! *lol*

I've also been invited to Johanna's and Per's house-warming party in a few weeks, as they moved during the summer, and I'm totally looking forward to that! I bet it's gonna be a lot of fun, and I really like to see their new place! They also have a new little kitten that I'm dying to get to know! :) (I bet Zorro will be a bit jealous though!!)

Anyway - I do hope I will be better and keeping up-to-date with my online activites, both in my blogs and in various Forums, in the future!
Also, not too many days left on my latest Tradera-auctions - check them out!!

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The Darkest Night said...

Happy to hear you had a nice time! Thanks for posting photos too! Your friends look really nice !

Aw...seems like a lifetime ago since I last had tacos....will have to do something about that this weekend..LOL

Jessica said...

*lol* Good luck with your Taco-plans! :) It's YUMMY!!

The Darkest Night said...

thanks! :) I think I rather deserve a taco-night this week!

Jessica said...

I definately think so too!! :)