Sunday, 2 September 2007

More Digital Photos ... And A New Blog!

I woke up at about 4 a.m. this morning and realized that I had made a mistake in ordering those over 300 digital photos yesterday ... *panic* Don't know what will happen, I have emailed the company, so I hope they can cancel the order.

Also, I've created a new blog ... or rather, Zorro has!! *lol* I was inspired by another blog "written by" a kitten, and I figured Zorro probably wanted his own blog. It's in Swedish (sorry, guys) and it's called Zorro: Master of the House

Apart from that nothing much has happened here today. I was considering going shopping (only for groceries), but by the time I had made up my mind to go, it was pouring rain ... so I decided to stay at home instead.
Today has mostly been spent trying to mentally prepare for next week. I guess it's nothing major - I've had considerably worse, that's for sure! - but I still need to get as much done as possible. After all, it's this week and then Uni starts for me ... and it's going to be very intense, because of the late start!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to "work" (I still call it that, even though I officially left over two years ago!), with mixed feelings!! I like being there, I like the women running it a lot and it's great to see them again - I was hardly there at all last semester so it was ages since I saw them properly. But I feel a bit insecure about it too, there are mostly new Moms there, that don't know about me and my background, so there's always a procedure trying to explain who I am and what I'm doing there. Now I'm gonna have to try to gather material for my essay a lot too, and since everything about this essay has gone wrong, I'm a bit nervous about that too.
Anyway, I'm going and that's that. Guess I'm gonna have to face whatever problems that may occur when they actually happen. I'll probably go back on Wednesday as well, but then I have something to look forward to, becaue I'm meeting my friend Sara afterwards!! I have only met her once since June (!!!) since I've been up in the summerhouse for most of the summer - so it's gonna be great catching up!

Now I'm gonna try to relax, I think I saw that new episodes of Wire in the Blood is on TV soon, so I'll probably watch that - I enjoy the earlier episodes I've seen and I love the books by Val McDermid!!

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

I hope you have a good day at work! :)

Cool that you made Zorro a blog :)

Jessica said...

Well ... things didn't turn out as planned - *sigh* - why am I not surprised?

Glad you like the idea of a Zorro-blog ... he likes it as well! :D

The Darkest Night said...

aw...sorry to hear that! *hugs*