Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Wow - That's Amazing!

I really can't believe the day I've head ... and I'm more talking of the way I've been feeling about things, coping with things etc. The practical aspect of the day has been both up and down, but it has still been a really good day!!

I went to Uni this morning, and met a girl whom I studied with last semester here on the train station, so I had company all the way! :) Good thing too, since the trains were late. At Uni I managed to get three of the books for my current course from the library (although I later found out I'm still missing one), and just the fact that I can go to the library is a great relief because that was earlier a huge thing for me, it was really "enemy territory" and I totally feared it!! So that is progress to say the least! I'm still a bit nervous about things not working out, or that something unexpected might happen, but it's nowhere near as bad as it has been, and I am coping with it.

Afterwards I went to a nearby mall ... and got absolutely nothing done! I was supposed to check out a few things - didn't find anything - and I had one "real" errand, which of course I remembered when I was on the bus back home! Typical! Despite that, my good mood persisted, and when I came home and had relaxed for a while I managed to clean the rest of my apartment, cook a "real dinner" (yeah, I know, but the whole food-thing is an issue with me ...) and also get some stuff done online!

Not a bad day for someone who felt their whole life was completely worthless about 30 hours ago, right!? :)

Also found out that I'll be meeting Johanna for lunch on Friday and then we'll take the ferry over to Helsingör in Denmark!! It's gonna be so much fun, I haven't been there in years, even though it only takes 20 minutes from Sweden (maybe 40 minutes alltogether from here, including trains!), so I'm sure I'll have a blast!!

I still can't explain why the entire me so completely changed yesterday afternoon, but I can tell you I'm totally greatful for it! Even though some things haven't quite worked out today, I'm still in a really good mood, and that's not very common for me, at least not now ... feels like I've been going in a downward spiral for weeks now .... so I'm most greatful for that!

Even my auctions on Tradera is going well! *yay* I added 57 auctions on Monday evening (for 14 days) and so far I have sold 2 (BuyNow) and there are bids on 12 of the rest! Not bad!! Feel free to check them out |**here**|

Keep your fingers crossed that I will really get going studying tomorrow! :)

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