Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Going Up And Down

My life is once again the roller coaster going up and down - oh, and did I mention I don't even like roller coasters?!?!
I have a hard time describing the last few days actually, because some things have been really good and worked out fine - while others have been horrible disasters! *sigh* Guess I won't even try ...

Today I have tried looking at my essay probably - and it's mostly problems from start to finish with it - it feels like I never get it over and done with!! At least I managed to go through the whole thing properly today and make a list of what I need to do - and then I have to see what I can do at home, what I need to go to the library for, what I need to visit 'work' for, what I need to ask my tutor etc. Guess that's a good thing, right?

I met my friend Sara today which was sooo much fun!! I haven't seen her since mid-July so it was really great to catch up! Hopefully she and Johanna will come here for dinner next week! *looking forward to it*

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Shopping, running some errands ...

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