Sunday, 16 September 2007

Preparing ...

I have spent most of today trying to prepare for next week, or rather tomorrow which will be a very intense day.
I'm having meetings with two teacheres tomorrow, regarding the first courses I'll be taking this semester! These are rather special courses, known as "läskurser" (sorry, can't really come up with a good translation for it). In short it means that every student decides on a certain subject they want to learn more about, the teacher helps with getting litterature, you can a certain number of weeks to prepare and then you have an examination, usually both a written and an oral exam.
I'm taking two of these right now at the beginning of the semester, one in Sociology of Religion and the other in Old Testament with Hebrew, so I'm meeting with my tutors in those two subjects tomorrow!

I'm more than nervous though, I've never taken courses like these before, I don't know what I want to study, I don't know how much "help" I can expect to get from the teachers ... In short, I'm uncertain about absolutely everything regarding tomorrow ... so that's why I've been very nervous most of the day!

I have come up with a certain "line-of-thinking", certain ways to try to approach this, which I feel are really good - the only problem is to actually implement them when I'm in the situation, because the anxiety has a tendancy to completely take over, and when it does, you can't think rationally about anything.
I do think I have become better at keeping the rational thoughts, even in tough situations, so I'm hoping to be able to that tomorrow as well.

I totally look forward to tomorrow afternoon, because at least these meetings are over, and even if they haven't worked out perfectly, at least I'll know more about what will happen and what will be expected of me than I do right now ....

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