Thursday, 27 September 2007

Here We Go Again!

Sorry if I sound depressing, but today has been just terrible!

I didn't sleep well, so I came up rather cranky this morning, but did everything I possibly could in order for things to work out - and no matter what I have done, it has gone wrong!! I totally hate these kinds of days, even though I know they come every now and again!
For once I don't feel too horrible about myself though, because I know I have really tried to change things, instead of just sit in front of the TV and do nothing! But it's still very annoying when nothing works out at all ...
I tried studying, and it turned out a mess. I went to a nearby town to get a gift, and had plans to go someplace else, only the trains were late so I missed the bus, I thought I'd check out another mode of transport, which resulted in me buying an extremely expensive bus/train timetable - and after about 2 minutes I realized I didn't even need it. I went home and the trains were a mess, my computer has been acting up tonight .... in short: no matter what I've done, it's just been a great big mess. *sorry*

I was totally greatful for having such a good day yesterday, and I still am! I hope that some of the thoughts and ideas and emotions I had then have survived this terrible day, so I can "start over" tomorrow! At least I have some great plans: meeting Johanna and going to Helsingör! Hopefully tomorrow will work out better than today, that's all I can say ...

Keep your fingers crossed I will be back with a more positive entry tomorrow night!

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My Plans for tomorrow: Meeting Johanna, trip to Helsingör, studies

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