Saturday, 26 April 2008

Working My Way Back!

I'm slowly starting to work my way back to 10-12 hour study-days now. I haven't been feeling that great for about 2-3 weeks now, but I seem to be getting over it, and now I'm just working at being able to be completely focused and effective and get as much done as possible.
I have fallen behind in my studies, and taking three courses at the same time doesn't exactly help ... Still, I am getting my motivation back now, and I know that I'm in a true win-or-loose situation now. I need to finish this semester, otherwise thing will be extremely difficult and very hard to work out - so I just have to bury myself among loads of books, Hebrew Bibles and whatnot ... and realize I probably won't come out before June 10th or something like that ... *nervous laughter*

I am very happy I seem to have gotten my motivation back though, becuase without that I wouldn't stand a chance at coping with everything I am supposed to do now ... so now it's only a matter of staying healthy, avoiding headaches and migraines and learning to be able to study for lots and lots and lots of hours at a time! ;)

Sorry this wasn't the most exciting blog entry ever - but my life isn't that exciting right now ... and I suspect you're not that interested in the theology of hymns, or the details of hermenutics, or the translation of the Deutoronomy in the Hebrew Bible ... *lol*

I hope everybody are enjoying their weekend!

My Life At The Moment!
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The Darkest Night said...

sounds like you're really busy..good luck with your studies!! How many exams do you have left now?

Jessica said...

Thanks - it's really quite insane now!
As for exams ... well, I won't take the one on the 'parallell' course I'm taking, but I have one major oral exam on my reading course (which I hopefully can take sometime around mid-June if I can convince the professor to hold off on his vacation ... hmm, bribe??), and then we have an oral presentation on Tuesday, two 4-pages papers to hand in, two major seminars on a larger written exam, and after those seminars, we're supposed to complet the written exam using whatever thoughts that came up during the seminar .... so yeah, I'll keep busy ...