Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mad At Myself!

I'm trying to get over an angry attack on myself that I had earlier today ... at least I'm coping with being around myself now, I guess that's a step in the right direction, right?! :)

Hebrew lecture 8-10 this morning, worked out quite well. Every minute going by I get reaffirmed this really is what I want to do, I am so interested and fascinated by absolutely everything - that's quite an amazing feeling actually!
I went straight home afterwards, and then things went a bit out of control! I fixed and ate lunch, and caught up a bit online. I felt really tired, so I got some coffee and thought I'd feel a bit better. I sat down, Zorro came and before I knew it, I'd fallen asleep - and I slept for two hours!!!! Totally NOT a good idea! I know that really says I am way too tired, but I can't really take that into account, because I don't have the time!!! The day only has 24 hours and I have to use as many of them as possible .... So that got me really mad about myself!! After that "little nap", I had such a hard time getting really awake, but at least I've been studying pretty effectively since about 5 p.m. - I guess that's something, right?!

Otherwise not much to report. Tomorrow will be a heavy day, with Old Testament (Hebrew) 8-10, studying at the Department, meeting friends for lunch at 11.30 and then Biblical Interpretation-lecture 1-3. We'd talked about having a 'sushi-night' as well, I've never even tried sushi - *ashamed* - but it looks like we all have a lot to do right now, so we might postpone it until things calm down a bit.

Unfortunately, I think I'm coming down with a cold ... probably as a result of the weekend with the kids! I do not have time to get sick, but I spoke to my Dad earlier and at least they hadn't gotten fevers there (yet!), so I'm hoping I can avoid that, at least! I'm trying every cure I can think of now ...
My back isn't really great either, I must have done something to it when I tried dragging Zorro home from Helsingborg ...
Ah well, I shouldn't complain!! Mostly things go really well for me now, so I should certainly be able to handle a few minor set-backs!

Made some new Amanda Tapping graphics too (actually, they're some kind of graphic/digi-scrap mix, but that works as well, right?! *lol*)! Enjoy!

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: Trying to go through lots of litterature at the same time - very confusing!
Currently watching: Stargate SG-1, "The Tomb"
Currently listening to: Les Misérables Brazil Cast
My Plans for tomorrow: Double lectures, lunch with friends, studies


The Darkest Night said...

well, on the bright side the studying you got done after your nap was probably more "effective" than it would have been if you hadn't slept... ;)

Amazing graphics!! May I ask where you got that kit?? I love the movie/frame thing....and the flowers are so pretty!!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I guess you're right! Although I would like to "plan" my naps a bit more, and I never want to take more than half an hour ... so I got a bit upset! :)

Aw, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the graphics! The first one is actually a combination of two kits, one of them (the frame is part of that) comes from a site called Scrapbook Flair ( ),membership is free and you get a free set for download every week. Unfortunately I don't remember where I got the other kit (the one with pink&blue flowers) ... sorry. Hope this helps some ...
(If you want, I can always fix a cd ...*lol*??)


The Darkest Night said...


well, i tried to download the scrapbookflair thing but my computer didn't like it one bit...*sigh* it wouldn't really work for me, so I ended up having to delete it... *sigh* oh well, I'll live..

And yeah...a cd with the flower kit would be great!!!! pretty please? :)

Jessica said...

Ah, that's too bad - sorry to hear your computer didn't feel like downloading!
I'll try to put together a cd soon! :) I'll throw in a couple of other kits as well, if there's enough space on the cd - hopefully you don't already have them! :) Oh, btw, could you send me an sms or email with your new address, I always seem to misplace it somewhere ... *oops*
Take care!

The Darkest Night said...

aw...thanks!! that would be great!! *hugs*

yeah sure, I'll send my address :)

Jessica said...

thanks for the email, I'll try to put together a cd ... hopefully tomorrow! :)

The Darkest Night said...

thanks sis!! Really appreciate it! *hugs*