Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Stress With A Capital S!

I'm really living under an enormous amount of stress right now, I generally feel better than I have, but I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off! I really feel I don't have a chocie, for a lot of reasons - that I don't have the time or energy to go into here - I can't miss any of the things I have left on this semester ... but I still don't know how I will be able to cope!
I'm constantly exhausted, and I really need to study effectively 10-12 hours a day for the upcoming 5-6 weeks in order to work this out ... and I don't know how ...
Yesterday I came home at about 5 p.m. with a seering headache that didn't go away until it was time for bed ... great timing! *sigh* Today I left home at 6.45 a.m. and was home again at 6 p.m. - completely exhausted!! Sure, I had gotten some study-time at Uni, but it wasn't completely efficient, and it was "only" about 3½ hours ... I have tried everything this afternoon to be able to study, but when I read the words are dancing around the page, and when I tried some - rather easy - Hebrew, all the letters and dots and lines were bouncing off the page!

Okay, I really don't feel as low as it sounds, fact of the matter is, I AM really really motivated! I totally and utterly WANT to do this, more than I've wanting anything for a very long time, but I still have a hard time seeing HOW!

A bright note was that I met a friend and her baby boy for coffee this afternoon! She's supernice and the little guy is absolutely adorable!!!!! I have gotten my cuteness-factor for this week, that's for sure!

Okay - so what's left for me this semester?
At least some form of preparation for the Old Testament-course, although I'm taking rather lightly on that.
My 'reading course' in Old Testament, which includes translating 256 LONG Bible verses (some of them quite difficult), plus about 600 pages of litterature (some Swedish, but mostly English).
My Biblical Interpretation course, where we have an oral group presentation next Tuesday, have to prepare a major written exam, on which we will have seminars and presentations twice, before completing it - AND on top of that we're supposed to read two English books (about 250-300 pages each) and write one paper on each (minimum 4 pages each) ....
Is it humanly possible to do all this?!?!?!!? All of the Biblical Interpretation stuff are due before May 21 - some a lot sooner than that .... *shivers*

I know it's way early, but I'm completely drained. Doesn't help that my usually rather light pollen allergy has been acting up pretty bad, at least today! I'm told it's difficult this year, and my constant tiredness will probably lower my immune system, because I've been feeling rather awful today! Have to see if I can make my way to a Pharmacy tomorrow, there are at least some medicines you don't need prescriptions for, I can at least try them out and hope for the best.
I'm gonna go to bed real soon, I don't get any studying done anyway and if I get to bed early tonight I might be able to get up earlier tomorrow morning, and maybe get ½-1 hours studying done before I leave (early morning tomorrow as well).

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: Scripture in Tradition, John Breck
Currently watching: 2½ Men
Currently listening to: Les Misérables in Berlin 2004
My Plans for tomorrow: Old Testament lecture, errands, studies, possible listen to the annual Uni "Student-Singers" in Lund.

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