Thursday, 17 April 2008

Officially Declaring:

This is a BAD day!!
But first a word of warning! I feel a compelling urge to do nothing but whine right now, so if you don't feel you can cope with whining right now: don't read this entry!
You have been warned!

I overslept this morning, but still managed to somehow make a run for the late bus, and therefore the late train. I managed to remember some things for a friend of mine as well as my - rather large - camera, as I was meeting a friend and her little boy (about 3 months old) this afternoon and I definately want pictures! :) What I didn't remember was to fix anything to eat ... I don't usually have time to prepare lunch per se, but I had intended to bring fruits and stuff, as we had lectures 8-10 and I was meeting my friend at 2.
I didn't have the energy to worry about lunch then, I just had my hands full to make to Uni. Once I got there, I discovered that a whole lot of stuff I'd brought would not be useful at all, meaning I had dragged about 2 kg too much ... and since my back has been fairly bad the last few weeks, I really don't feel like carrying around more than I actually have to!

Lectures were good though, very interesting indeed, and I managed to answer a somewhat difficult question in class ... and that always gives me a kick! I have been doing it every now and again this semester (in this particular class), but it was very far from being anything I could even think of before, so like I said, I do get a kick out of it.

Afterwards I went to study in the library ... I had decided not to go anywhere for lunch, but instead, when my friend and I met, grab a sandwich and coffee, a little late for lunch but I figured it would work out.
I wasn't very successful during my studies, I was so completely exhausted, I think I went for coffee three or four times during my study session! Also realized I needed a specific dictionary, which of course I had left at home - so I wasn't able to do what I had intended to do, and once again, I was stuck with the feeling of not being able to complete what I was doing ....
I stumbled out of the library right before two, and decided to check, and turn on, my mobile phone before my friend arrived.
Only to find that she had called me 4 (!) times and sent two messages!!! When I checked the messages, things hadn't gone as planned for her either, she'd suggested another meeting place - in another town (10 minutes away by train, but still!)! - at 1 o'clock (it was now 2 o'clock!!)!!! Way to go, Jessica!!! Why didn't stupid me check my mobile phone every now and again!???!?!?

It was too late to meet, so I've sent her some messages about meeting at another time ... ufortunately, it might take a while before we can meet ...
Anyway ... went to take the 2.20-train home, that particular train continues to Gothenburg, so it's crowded, and they usually drive two train-sets, sometimes even three ... today: one! Meaning it was completey crowded, I had to stand and was pushed into a corner with not much room to move. My back is absolutely killing me if I stand up straight for more than about 5 seconds - and even though it's not a long train ride, it takes about 15 minutes, it feels like forever when you constantly feel like someone is trying to split you in two using a dull saw blade at your lower back! I kept moving, trying to find a better - less painful - position, which of course meant that I kept bumping into and stepping on and hitting people (didn't help that I had two large bags - one continued the camera that I didn't have any use for since I didn't meet the gorgeous little guy!) ... very annoying!

I stumbled off, and had to do some emergency shopping - of course the lines were a mile long and wouldn't move at all - which did nothing to help my back!
I finally got my stuff and got on a bus home. It took a while, but things finally seemed to work - until I was going off the bus, the driver made a really sharp stop and I did something very weird to my upper thigh, which resulting in a seering pain ... which means I can keep my thigh in a 90 degree-angle from my body but pretty much not straighten it out at all ... I keep limping around here in serious pain ...

(In case you hadn't noticed ....)

--- Sorry about the whiny-entry ... but you were warned! And at least I've gotten it out of my system now!! ---
I'm off to try to cure an upcoming headache and then try to finish what I was supposed to have done during my study-session at Uni today!


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