Friday, 25 April 2008

A Whole Week?!

Whoa, it's been a whole week since my last entry!! *yikes* Didn't quite realize it had been that long ...
Things have been a bit weird here lately ... lots of mixed feelings ... joy and happiness, confusion, stress, anxiety and more stress ... in short: confusion! Which is probably why I haven't felt like blogging ...

Some good news first - I managed to collect my New Testament-exam, and I got 38 out of 41 possible points, I'm very happy about that!! There were also some issues regarding the grading system that seems to have been solved now, I don't want to put too much into this, but I did take it up with some people at the Department and it seemed the were listening to me and would take it up at a common discussion - and on this latest exam, they had changed some things ... I don't want to say it was "becuase of me", because that is way to pretentious, but at least it seems they have started to think about it, which is a good thing.

My studies have been very up-and-down lately... I have been feeling rather tired and not very motivated for a while now - which is a baaaaad thing, since I'm in reality taking three full-time courses at the same time now ... and I don't really have time to feel bad or not-motivated ... I seem to be feeling a little bit better now, so I'm hoping this thing has turned around now! After all, it's no more than about 6 weeks left of this semester, if I can really get on with it and give everything I have, I should be able to finish this semester in a decent way, which would be really great ... *fingers crossed*

Not much to say otherwise, I did take some time off a few days ago, and went to Malmö - checking out the ocean and the awesome building Turning Torso - which is soooo cool ... here are some pictures:

And my very favourite photo of Turning Torso ... I like the perspective, it's taken very closed to the building and looking up at it!

Hopefully I'm back to blogging 'full-time' again now - maybe not every day ... but hopefully more frequently than once a week! *feeling a bit guilty* ;)
Also, don't forget my Picture-blog, Everyday Pictures! which is updated every day, unless I'm away and don't have computer access!
Take care!

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