Sunday, 13 April 2008

Slightly Schizophrenic

This weekend has certainly not been the greatest ... seems like I kind of hate weekends now, but everything works out really well during the week! *very weird*

I have actually gotten started on my third course now - the reading course in Hebrew - and about time too!! However, I hadn't quite anticipated it to be so intense, it's more work than I thought and everything is taken forever to finish! Also, there are things I can't for the life of me figure out, which makes it all the more frustrating!
But I am feeling almost dizzy now - trying to read and write a lot for Biblical Interpretation, translating Hebrew and reading litterature for the reading course, AND translating and taking lecture-notes for the regular Old Testament course! *shakes head*

I've been trying to study as best I can - but I'm completely exhausted and seeing as I have so much to do these days and everything takes so long, it's hard not to feel like giving up! I don't think I will - things have worked out fantastically well this semester, and it would be marvellous to finish it in a good way - but I can't say that I'm feeling great and happy and generally confident, that's for sure!
Also, I usually get spring depressions, which I haven't had this year yet, so I'm guessing that might be a cause for my tiredness and for feeling a bit down.
Hopefully I'll feel a bit better during the week, I usually do! :)

Take care - I hope you all had a great weekend!!

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The Darkest Night said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy...really busy!

Totally love the graphic - soo cool!!!

Hope to catch you online someday soooon! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, things sure are busy! A bit too busy at times actually!

Aw, glad you like the graphic, turned out a bit smaller than I'd hoped ... but still okay! ;)

Yeah, I hope so too!!!!!

The Darkest Night said...

i think it looks great :)

Jessica said...

aw, thanks! :)