Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Not The Best Start!

Well, this week hasn't exactly started in the greatest possible way! I don't really have time to go through it all in detail, but it's been rather confusing! Some things have been really great, others not good at all ...

We had the introduction to the new Biblical Interpretaion-course on Monday, and while I think it will be a very exciting and interesting course, it certainly won't be an easy one! Very few lectures, but FIVE major projects to hand in - and all in about 7 weeks!! *YIKES* If I can spend some time on this course, and if the group will prove to be a good one (it seemed that way, I think), I think I'm gonna learn heaps from this course ... but fact of the matter is I am going to try to juggle two other courses at the same time ...
And on top of that, I've hardly gotten any studying done at all this week, and it's already Wednesday!!!! I had very few headaches during the beginning of the semester, and it seems they are catching up now, because I seem to be having them more or less every day now! *sigh*

Moving on to more positive news - I 'unofficially' took the Hebrew exam this weekend, and I asked the teacher on Monday if he would go through it and see if I'd done some major mistakes. He handed it back to me yesterday, and I almost fainted. I had 51 points out of 52 possible!!! AMAZING!!!! (Last year I didn't even pass!!!) I was totally happy, and that gave me tons of motivations, so I really hope I can continue with taken several courses at the same time!!

Upcoming days will be very intense and tough - although hopefully funny! :)
Tomorrow, Thursday, I have Old Testament (Hebrew) lecture 8-10, then I have to buy a book for the other course AND get some studying done. At 1 we have a lecture in Biblical Interpretation for two hours and then I'm heading home. I hope to get some quality time with Zorro because about a quarter to six I will have to take him with me, walk for about 10 minutes, then take a bus to the train station and take a train - which hopefully Sara will be on. We'll bring Zorro to Sara, and hope he'll settle there - meaning I won't be back home until late.
On Friday I have Old Testament lecture 8-10, will study at the Department for an hour and at 11.20 I'll take the train north. I'll arrive at about 6 p.m. so I will hopefully get some quality time with my sisters before they're off to bed.
Saturday will be full-steam-ahead, and during the evening I'll also get a chance to visit my Mum. I head back at about 12.30 on Sunday and arrive in Helsingborg right before 8 ... then I'm picking up Zorro from Sara and head home ... but I'm probably not gonna be home before at least 9.30 ....
And on Monday I have lectures in both Old Testament and Biblical Interpretation ... and beyond that I haven't got a clue! :)

Unfortunately this does not give me much time to study, and since I've already "waisted" the beginning of this week, things might turn really ugly next week ... but I guess I'm gonna have to cross that bridge when I come to it, right?! :)

Anyway, that's it for tonight - since tomorrow will be such a strain, I'll try to get to bed early tonight!
Take care!

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