Thursday, 10 April 2008

Unusually Tired!

I've felt unusually tired all day today, I think I have a cold lurking away somewhere, so I guess I'll have to blame it on that. It's rather frustrating though, because I certainly need all the energy I can get now, and only walking to the bus makes me breathless and feeling more dead than alive - not good!
I know I have had an intense time now, since I didn't get the usual weekend! Even if I study a lot, I rest more being at home 2-3 days over the weekend, than going to my families (1000 kilometres there and back) and having some play-time there - so I guess that's contributing as well. Still, I need the time to study effectively and not sleeping ...

I had Old Testament/Hebrew this morning, which turned out to be really exciting. At first there was information and talks about a paper that is a part of the course. Since I'm not taking the course in the usual way, I will not do it (I have enough on my plate as it is), but it was still good and interesting to hear how you're supposed to go about it, what books and commentaries are good to use etc. I can always use that kind of information! :)
During the second half of the lecture, our teacher gave us some insight into the work of the Swedish Bible Comission who worked on a completely new Bible translation which was released in November 1999 (it's called Bible2000 *lol*). Our teacher was assigned to it for eight years, and I have always been fascinated about how that kind of work is done. He couldn't go into specifics of course, but it was still really really exciting to hear how the work had progressed and how they went about it!! Fantastic!!

Afterwards, I got about 1½ hours of studying done in the library before meeting three friends for lunch! We wen to a Greek restaurant that I'd never been to before - lots and lots of food, and quite cheap, heaven for students! *lol*
We also went for coffee after lunch, before it was time for Biblical Interpration lecture, with another professor at the Department (in Systematic Theology). It was a bit hard to grasp at times, rather abstract, but once you got used to it, it was really interesting - a lot about how Biblical Interpretation was done in the early Christian Church and during the Middle Ages.

We were done right after three, but due to some problems with the train, I wasn't home until five! I've been really tired this afternoon, so I haven't gotten quite as much studying done as I had hoped. Still, now I have three whole days without lectures, so hopefully I'll catch up a bit then!

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The Darkest Night said...

aw...I hope you don't get sick! Colds are no fun.. :(

have a really nice weekend! Hope to see you online some time during it...really miss talking to you!

Jessica said...

I seem to have beaten my cold, at least it's not all bad, even though I feel a sore throat. I hope it won't get any worse!

I do hope to see you online too - it's been tooooo long!


Anonymous said...

Hej Jessica!

Tack för kommentaren på bloggen, kul att veta att någon läser ;) Du har också mycket att göra- visst längtar man till vår avslutnings picnick!? Ååhh....när allt är färdigt.....*längtar*
Ok...back to reality, ska skriva lite på min uppsats! Vi ses imorgon!
Kramar Sara

Jessica said...

Hey Sara! :)
Jodå, jag kikar in på din blogg då och då ... kanske inte riktigt varje dag dock! :D
YAY!! AVSLUTNINGSPICKNICK!!! YAY!!! (sorry ... längtar verkligen dit!! - fast vi kanske ska undvika teologen efter typ 2½ flaska vin?! *SKRATT*)
Lycka till med uppsatsen!! Syns imorgon!

The Darkest Night said...

that's good! I hope you got rid of your sore throat too!

yeah, I miss you! hope to catch you online someday soon (although this week is really busy)