Tuesday, 8 April 2008

How To Catch Up?!

Whoa, a lot has happened since my last entry, so I guess you'd better prepare for a rather long blog entry! :) I really should start last Thursday, it feels like it was ages ago, but I guess that's the place to start off (I have a strong feeling I will have bored every one reading this to death after this blog! *lol*)

Anyway ... Thursday started with Hebrew lecture at 8, which was quite okay! I get a great deal out of these lectures now, even though I sometimes find it difficult to prepare everything for each day. At the same time I realize that if I'm going to gain anything at all from the lectures, I simply have to be prepared - so I have to try my best at that!
I should have stayed at Uni afterwards, for a lecture in Biblical Interpretation at 1 - but I started getting a massive headache, and I knew the day would be a great strain on Zorro, so I quickly bought a book for class before heading on home. In retrospect I think I did the right thing, even though I don't like missing lectures - but the day became a lot quiter both for me and most importantly for Zorro! I also managed to get rid of most of the headache, and get some studying done!
At about 5.30 I left with some luggage and Zorro in his transportation box ... and I was more than a little nervous for the upcoming trip! I had to walk for about 10 minutes, and that went really well, Zorro hardly said anything! Then we had to wait almost 10 more minutes for the bus, and the bus stop is close to a rather heavy-trafic-road, so Zorro was quite scared of all the buses and cars and trucks. Eventually I managed to get him on the bus, and he started miauing really loud *yikes*! He stopped when I sat down and talked to him, and the bus ride was over in about 5 minutes. Some waiting at the train station before the train arrived - and the train was packed with people! I had to stand and keep Zorro on the floor. It went rather well the first part of the trip but after a while he started protesting!
When we got off in Helsingborg we met Sara and also Johanna and Per - they had been on the train but in another part! It was great seeing them all, and we all started walking! It's a fair bit and all uphill, so by the time we reached Sara's appartment I felt more dead than alive! We let Zorro out and he seemed okay, though quite tense! Sara was kind enough to fix dinner for us, yummy pasta sallad! :) I felt that Zorro had a hard time calming down, so I was a bit reluctant to leave, but I couldn't stay there forever, so at about 9.15 I said goodbye to Sara and my little darling and went home!
I wasn't home until about 10.30, and I really should have started preparing a lot for my trip, but I was really tired and got to bed.

Up early on Friday morning instead, to get all the preparations in order. I knew I wouldn't have time to go home after my Hebrew lecture, so I had to get everything ready before heading off to Uni ... and I did, although I was very tired.
The lecture was okay and I then I spent about 45 minutes in the library. The night before Sara had told me we had to write 1 page for Biblical Interpretation, using a commentary from the library, which had to be handed in by Monday - so I started working on that.
At about 11.20 I took the train, with a change in Gothenburg, and was met by my Dad and my oldest sister, M, at about 6 p.m.!! She'd certainly grown a lot!! We got to my Dad's place and I also met his girlfriend and my younger sister, I - and boy had she grown!!! I know it's only been about 3 months since I saw them, but it was a huge difference, especially with I - she says a few words and more importantly - she walks!!! Big girl now!!
Some pictures of the big girls:

Saturday was spent mostly playing! *lol* Lots of colouring with M and lots of "general" play with I - it was great, but I'm not really used to it now, after having spent more or less 3 months in the Bible, so it took some getting used to!
Saturday night was spent with my Mum, it was really wonderful seeing her again, and we had a lot of talking and catching up to do!

Sunday morning was play-time again, and I took the bus at 12.30. Coincidently I met an old friend on the bus - we went through 10-12th grade together - and I haven't seen her in many, many years!! It turns out she's a post-graduate student at the same Uni I attend, though I different department! Cool!
I arrived in Helsingborg right before 8 p.m. and Sara and I met on the way, and she handed over Zorro and his things! We didn't get a chance to talk properly, but it seemed things had went fairly well though! I went back to the railway station, and it was a mess, aparently there had been a huge soccer game in town and the station was crowded - and Zorro didn't like it at all. We had to wait for the train - which was crowded - then on a bus, which was crowded ... it was all a mess and I felt really bad for Zorro! The last walk home was torture though, as I had my entire luggage, and all of Zorro's things - and him ... and he was jumping around in his transportation box, making it almost impossible to carry him. I more or less stumbled the last of the way, on the verge of tears - and I aparently did my back in pretty bad, because I've been in a lot of pain since then!
We were home at about 9.30, and I collapsed .... and Zorro was really happy to be home. However, I couldn't relax for long, so at about 11, I started working on the paper that was due on Monday - yesterday - and I finished in a bit over an hour! I should have started preparing Hebrew as well, but my energy was completely drained, so I had to go to bed.

I was up rather early yesterday morning, and started preparing Hebrew. I did however find out that we had lectures 12-2 instaed of 10-12, which was what I had thought. I let myself relax a bit because of that, which was a mistake, because I fell asleep and overslept! *not good* At least I managed to go into Uni to parttake in the last half of the Hebrew lesson, then I met Sara and we had a study-session in the library for about an hour, before having a Biblical Interpretation lesson at 3-5. It was really good, I like this course a lot - it focuses on exactly the stuff I want to ocntinue doing in the future.
A funny incident during the break, when our teacher approached me!! I had earlier, during an appointment with my student councellor, spoken about the grade differences, becuase it is way more difficult to get the high grade, VG, in some courses than in other - which felt strange to me. I was adviced to email our director of studies and I did, but didn't get a reply! Well, apparently, she had spoken to teachers, as our Biblical Interpretations teacher approached me, he said it was good of me to bring it up, they were going to discuss it etc. Totally cool!! :) :)

Today I had a lecture-free day, but I went into town after lunch to meet with a friend and her young boy - 3½ months!! He'd grown A LOT!! Big boy now!! :) We had some coffee and talked for a while, and it's great seeing her every now and again. She's helped me a lot in the come-back to my studies, and we have a very open relationship, which I appreciate! And the chance to some quality baby-time is wonderful as well of course! :)

*phew* Looong entry - but at least I think I'm pretty up-to-date now! Hope you managed to stay awake! :)
Even though I don't have a lot of lectures ahead (few days with double lectures for instance) I will still be very busy, as I'm actually trying to fit in three different courses at the same time now ... I do hope I will have time to update this blog more or less every day though!
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Jexxie said...

Hejsan! Jo det är bra här...lite stressigt bara. Känns kul med LA, men rädd att jag ska få ångest eller ngt.... Hoppas att allt är bra med dig!

The Darkest Night said...

Hey sis!!

Good to have you back! Sounds like you've kept busy! ADORABLE pictures! I'm totally in love with the dress "I" is wearing in the first pic (I was gonna get that one for Christine last year, but they sold out... ) very cool to see it again :)

hope to see you online someday SOON *hugs*