Sunday, 30 March 2008

Not Really A Great Day!

I guess I'm surprised to be in a fairly good mood after all, because this day has indeed not been a great one!

Started out early too, I slept poorly, and Zorro couldn't relax at all!! I stumbled up feeling half-dead, only to realize that we had to put the clocks forward an hour today, so it was even later than I thought!!

I managed to pull myself together and get some studying done during the morning. Around lunch-time I came to realize something not-not-not funny at all!
I had been making plans with Annika to join her and a friend of hers (I know her from online though) to go to Gothenburg in May and see a Tour of Sweeny Tood!! I haven't seen a musical in ages, and I was thrilled to find out that both Michael McCarthy and David Shannon would be in it!! I've seen David Shannon in the Internation Tour of Chess in Oslo and he totally impressed me - and Michael McCarthy is my favourite musical performer after Philip Quast - so I was really excited to get to see them both!!
Only until I started checking out trains and buses and realized there was no way I would be able to!!!!!!! I don't want to take Zorro somewhere, so the idea was just to go to Gothenburg in the late afternoon and go home straight after the musical - yeah right!! Aaprently there are no trains whatsoever between half past seven on Saturday evening and half past nine on Sunday morning!! (and the buses were almost as bad!!) There was no way I could make it, so unfortunately I had to cancel!! *sobbing and crying* :( :(

I also went shopping, I had a few things I really needed to get - otherwise I wouldn't have gotten out since it's been storming like crazy here. I went downtown, did the shopping only to find that all three possible buses left like a minute before (would be almost half an hour to the next one). I had a lot to carry, and managed to also realize that I had forgotten most of the important stuff I had to get!!
On the bus home - when I finally got on it - there were not only five kids screaming on top of their lungs, there were also some pretty major misunderstandings - some of them involving me! *DEEP sigh* Lucky for me that didn't happen four years ago, or I would probably not have left my apartment for weeks!!

I did manage to pull myself together a bit during the afternoon, I finished cleaning my apartment and also got some more studying done ...
But now I'm depressed again!! Swedish Ice Hockey Finals .... my team, Färjestad, SUCK this year!!! And it's horrible!!! They've managed to get to semi-finals (beating their worse enemy, Frölunda - yay!! *evil smile!*), but now it looks like they're going to loose to Linköping!!

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed: this was NOT a good day!

Still, and I surprise myself writing this down, I am actually looking forward to tomorrow!! (that is so not like me!!!!) *lol*
We start up the new Hebrew course tomorrow at 10, and I really enjoy the group, the students and the teacher, and I know this course will be even more interesting and exciting then the last one (which I really enjoyed!!), so I am looking forward to that! In the afternoon we have the introduction to the Biblical Interpretation course, and while I'm not quite as excited about that one, I am looking forward to learning what they did to our schedule and why they decided to almost cut our lectures in half!!!

I will probably be very tired tomorrow night, but I'm hoping I'll be in a better mood then! :)
Take care!

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