Thursday, 1 May 2008

Confusion With A Capital C!

I've had a really terrible day today, and I don't quite know why! I've been in a constant horrible mood since I woke up, and nothing has been able to change it! I've tried studying, but when I'm this upset, I can't concentrate if my life depended on it. Which of course only makes my mood even worse, since things are so stressful right now!

I've mostly landed in complete confusion about everything now ... I know the whole concept of taking one thing at a time and trying to not let things overwhelm you - but I'm just not able to take in a lot of good advice right now!
I'm VERY MUCH hoping for a good night's sleep and hopefully a better day tomorrow! For some unknown mysterious reason I can't seem to cope with being home these days - as soon as I don't have plans at Uni, I tend to get in a terrible mood.
With this in mind, I did have some thoughts of going to Uni for studies tomorrow, despite we don't have any lectures (today was Holiday in Sweden, therefore some people are off tomorrow as well), but I learned that while not the entire Department will be closed tomorrow, the front desk and the library are closed all day - so there's not much point in going there ...
I just hope I can get a decent day at home ....

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