Friday, 17 August 2007

4 Days Counting Down!

Today I finally heard back from my teacher at Uni! It was somewhat complicated, but apparently I'm going to be able to take my exam on Wednesday afternoon, and it was great to finally set a date!! One thing was not great though ...
When we took the exam it was divided into three parts, which were graded individually. We were offered to take oral exams if we'd failed (but I wasn't up for that), and if we did, we only had to take the part/s we had failed. I passed one part (Genesis) but failed the other two (Psalms and a separate book).
Since I was going to take this exam now in August I thought I was going to take the whole one - including Genesis - I didn't expect any "special solutions" for me, just because I'd happened to have passed Genesis in May. Well, aparently I am the only one taking this exam now, so the teacher will make one just for me ... and then I don't have to take Genesis, just the other two parts! That in itself is great of course, less stuff to learn, but I have spent the better part of three days getting through Genesis now!!! So it does feel like I've pretty much wasted all this time, which is a bit tough of course!

But still ... most things about this is positive so I shouldn't complain!
Even though I'm stressing a bit, I'm happy the exam is already on Wednesday, because the new courses don't start until sometime around 2 september, meaning I get some time to relax and prepare for the semster!
It also feels really great to actually know what's going to happen now. I know how and when and where I will take the exam, and that helps me to be able to focus even more!

So despite a little bit of negativity (wasting all this precious study-time), it's been a good day.

I have been sleeping very poorly lately, and I'm really tired now, so I'll try to get some sleep on the couch and try to get up at about 3 a.m. or something (I'm usually more productive in the mornings anyway), that should at least give me 6 hours sleep (which is about 3-4 hours more than I have been getting these last few days!) ...

Take care, guys!

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