Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Turning Around?

Well, I'm hoping this depressed state of mind I've been in since yesterday will start to turn around now. I didn't feel great this morning, and some of it is still with me, but I have felt a bit better during the afternoon and evening!
I managed to clean most of the bathroom, and did a real cleaning of the kitchen ...
And I've also added some more auctions on Tradera - why don't you check it out?

Guess I haven't done much more than that, but considering the way I've been feeling since tomorrow morning, I think that's quite good actually!

I know I have lots and lots of stuff to deal with now - this semester won't start until 11 September, but I'll certainly keep busy until then, that's for sure. I just hope I won't feel so down in the future, but have the energy to deal with everything.
Some stuff is just plain boring stuff that needs doing, but most of it make me feel quite anxious, so I know I'll need to be in pretty good shape in order to be able to cope.

Anyway, I'm just greatful that today was a bit better than yesterday!
Take care!

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My Plans for tomorrow: Cleaning, shopping, paying bills ... just general stuff! :)


Sirpa said...

Tack snälla för din kommentar i min blogg :-)
Underbart att höra om när andra faktiskt lyckats övervinna sin fobi!
Orkar inte skriva så mycket mer..är en sjukling på annat sett just nu(lunginflamation)Men ville ändå kika in och önska dig allt gott!!
Kram från Sirpa!

Jessica said...

Hej - och tack för din kommentar!
Ja, även om det ibland känns hopplöst så KAN man lära sig att klara av saker och ting och faktiskt må bättre! Det gäller bara att orka med att övervinna en massa hinder på vägen dit! :)

Stackare som är sjuk - KRYA PÅ DIG!!