Friday, 24 August 2007


Yes, today I finally got to take the exam, so that part is totally over now - thank you!! :)
There are no guarantees of course, but it didn't feel like a complete disaster, so I'm hoping I will have passed at least! *fingers crossed*

After the exam I met with the student councellor, since there were some uncertainties regarding the courses I will be taking this semester. She fixed everything, of course!! :) Sadly, I found out she will quit at the end of September, because the department don't have enough money to keep her!! I will actually be very sad to see her go, she helped me a great deal when I was coming back from being on sick-leave, she's a wonderful person, and I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for her!! She will transfer departments within the University and work at the Sociology Department (which is next door to Theology), but that's not helping me much, is it?
There's nothing I can do about it, I know that, but I will still be very sad to see her go, that's for sure!!!

I am completely exhausted, and I hope to come back with more coherent entries during the weekend.
Oh yeah, I want to aplogize to all those people out there, whose blogs I regularly read and comment on - things have been so crazy lately, I have not had the time to neither read nor comment your blogs .... I wlil try to catch up (reading as well as commeting) during the weekend!

I've had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and evening, but now I will try to get some sleep, so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow and start my life "after the exam"!!!

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Relaxing, cleaning, generally catching up! :)

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