Monday, 20 August 2007

Mystery Solved!

Just wanted to make a short entry to tell you all The Mystery of the Vanishing Spider has now been solved!
Again this morning, I found him dangling in my shower - this time he was totally occupied with making his web work (he went up and down to test it, I think - I real 'elevator-spider' *lol*), so I found the time to grab my glass and piece of paper.
I really really don't like spiders, and while this one's body wasn't that big, his legs were huge! *shivers* Anyway, I'm guessing I went through a number of phobic-therapy stages when I managed to get the spider down from the web and onto the floor, under the glass with the paper and then onto the balcony. But I did!

Now I have made a promise to myself not to open the balcony door for a great number of hours, giving the little bugger a chance to find somebody else's balcony to occupy (and sneak into their apartment!!)!

I'll be back tonight with a proper entry!


The Darkest Night said...

Congratulations on solving the mystery! LOL :)
Glad you got rid of it...I'm not a spider-fan either... yuck!

Jessica said...

Yeah, they totally creep me out!!
Still have no idea where he's been hiding out, but hopefully he has moved on to another balcony now! *lol*

The Darkest Night said...

*fingers crossed* lol

Anonymous said...

O,I think that Spiderman is a very lucky spider. He didn´t know what could happen to him when he moved in with Jessica. As you all know she doesn´t live alone and her friend has very sharp nails, even if he doesn´t want to use his nose.
So now I hope that little Spiderman has found a new home, where he can find his peace.

Jessica said...

the darkest night: *LOL* Yeah, me too! :)

Anonymous: And don't think you can remain anonymous either, I know where you live! *LOL* But I think you're right, little Mr Spider could have met his destiny had I not "rescued" him this morning. At least I've done something good today, haven't I? :)