Thursday, 16 August 2007

A Bit Frustrated!

I can't help but feeling a little frustrated about my current situation.

I have one exam left from last semester, which I was supposed to take now, before this semester starts. (That is normal procedure, there are always exams avaliable in August and January for students who have missed them)
Unfortunately this seems impossible at the moment! I have emailed about 4 persons about this - I don't even know when and where the exam is (!!), or even if the exam will happen! Everybody that has gotten back to me advises me to email the teacher in charge, but he doesn't reply to emails! *sigh*
My guess is he's still on 'summer vacation', understandably of course (if I was teaching, I wouldn't get back to Uni a day before I had to) - but that still leaves me hanging!! I'm studying like crazy, but it's really hard to stay focused and disciplined when I don't even know when or if I have to take the exam ... *sigh again*

Enough complaining, sorry about that!

Otherwise, I don't have much to report - most of my thoughts and feelings surround the exam! i really wish I could do something else, meet friends, go shopping or something, but as soon as I'm more than 10 meters from my books, I get really guilty about not studying ...

Trying to catch up with my blogs - you will find more information in the previous post - and I've added a little note to the right about the newly updated blogs!

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