Monday, 13 August 2007

Summer Summary!

Well, I thought I'd start up with a summary of the summer of 2007 - now that fall is coming.

Generally speaking, it has been a somewhat tough summer, for many reasons. The weather has been more than bad, I don't think I have ever experienced that much rain in one summer before. I guess it feels totally bad for me, since I've more or less been stuck in a summerhouse most of the time, with lots of projects (that don't work out if it rains!!) to do, and no computer and a TV which has been about to break down. It's very frustrating when the weather puts a stop to projects like that, and everything gets so much more complicated than it has to be.
Even when we've been able to get on with out projects, lots of things have been difficult and not turned out great, and of course, that makes the mood drop as well.

I can't say that I've done much during summer either - these 'projects' have taken up most of the time. Regular projects such as clearing the land we own, has of course been made difficult because of the rain (not easy to go over almost 7000 square-meters with a lawn-mower when it rains ...), but we've also had other projects, such as painting the house and building a new roof to the porch, and that's not easily done when it rains either.

The only things that has happened beyond these things has been a trip to the West Coast with my Mum. We decided to visit Fjällbacka, since a Swedish author we both like - Camilla Läckberg - comes from there and the setting of all her books are Fjällbacka. It was really wonderful to visit, and I like the atmosphere of the Swedish West Coast a lot!

The only other outing was to a zoo called Nordens Ark with my Dad and his family, that was also really nice, for once we had a sunny day, and my older sister M (three years old) had a blast of course, checking out all the animals.

I really enjoy being in the summerhouse, and naturally it's sad to know the summer is gone, but I still feel that it's here I belong, this is where my real life is, and I actually like fall a lot. Unlike a lot of other people, I enjoy fall, but tend to get depressed during spring, so I'm not that upset that the summer is over this year ... :)

I will be back with more posts and more photos!
Take care!
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