Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Mystery Of The Vanishing Spider!

I have discovered I have a houseguest - a very unwanted one ... and also a vanishing one!
Yesterday I discovered a spider on my bathroom floor! Now, as some of you know - *waves to Sara!!* - I am not fond of spiders ... but for some reasons I can't seem to kill them either! So ... I went away to get "supplies" in order to try and get the spider alive and healthy onto the balcony! (clever thing to do is to put a glass over the spider, than slide a piece of paper underneath ... )
I wasn't away from the bathroom for more than perhaps 30 seconds - the spider was gone!! It was not huge, but it wasn't exactly hyper-small either, and I didn't fancy it showing up in my bed or something, so I kept looking. But the spider remained gone, and I couldn't spend all day looking for it.
I started talking myself into accepting that it had found it's way out, or down a drain or something. Until this morning ... when I found it dangling from the bathroom ceiling!! I didn't really know how to get it down from there, but I still headed out for my "supplies", to try to help it to the balcony this time. Again, I wasn't away for many seconds - when I returned : No Spider!

I hearby declare: The Mystery Of The Vanishing Spider!

I really don't like the idea of him running around in here, but at the same time I realize there's nothing I can do about it now, and I have actually kept myself from being totally consumed by this. At least tonight I'm taking a very detached position and I actually find myself sitting here wondering when and where he'll turn up next! *lol*

Long entry about absolutely nothing! Guess that depends on the fact that nothing at all happens here - and probably won't happen either until I'm done with the exam. It's Hebrew and Psalms and weird Norwiegan books all the time now!

Take care!

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